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Airstream Trailer Information

I'm using this page as a place to collect bits of information I think might prove useful in the renovation and use of my 1969 Airstream Tradewind.

There's all kinds of stuff here. I haven't made any effort to make this a comprehensive resource. It's just a collection of stuff I've come across that I thought worth remembering. Have a look around and see if there is anything you can use.

My 1969 Airstream Tradewind Deluxe LY

I found the weights in {this pdf document} on the Airstream website. They don't list a GVWR rating for the older trailers so I'm still looking for that number.

Old instructions, manuals and receipts with the trailer

Included with this trailer when I bought it was a collection of instructions and manuals for the various systems and some receipts for repairs and upgrades made over the years.

Owners manual

Instructions and manuals

Repair and upgrade receipts

Misc notes

Airstream information

Airstream service bulletins

Airstream serial number locations and breakdown

Serial Numbers are stamped into the top of the A-frame of the trailer. There may also be an aluminum plate on the roadside front segment, by the main door, or on the roadside sidesheet.

Here's a pdf file of the serial number breakdowns used over the years


Diesel appliances

My page on Alternative Heating Systems



My page on Propane Safety

My page on Maintenance and Repair Resources

My page on On Campers and Camping


Here are links to a couple of articles I found dealing with safety issues to be aware of while RVing.

Tire repair and inflator kit

"Have you ever wished for a mini tire repair kit that you could carry with you while out on your quad, motorcycle, or your street rod in case you got a flat. With the parts in this little kit you can repair almost any flat in any tubeless tire and air it up within seconds. If you're low profile tire is low on that Porsche, BMW or Escalade this product can air them back up on the spot...."

See a review in the Fall 2009 Airstream Life Online Edition.


As a newcomer to the world of campers and Airstreams I'm trying to collect here some information on what to carry along, what to do before departure from home or from any site, and what to do on arrival at a site. I'm putting these checklists each on their own page for ease of printing them out.

Some further information on this site

Mobile houses

Glossary of terms

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