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Alternative Heating Systems

As an alternative to the standard furnace in my '69 Tradewind I'm thinking of using the propane fired hot water heater to build a hydronic heating system.

Some folks at AirstreamForums have done this with success. Do a search. Also see Aqua-Hot for diesel powered heating systems. If this works it would eliminate the separate furnace. This would save a bit of space, weight, and expense.

Sources of auxiliary heat

One possible auxiliary heat source might be a cast iron marine wood stove by Marine Stove.

Also, Dickinson Marine makes diesel, propane & charcoal cabin heaters - the following is from their propane P-9000 spec sheet:


FuelLPG (Propane/Butane)
 Low Pressure – 11 ins water column
Fuel Consumption1lb bottle - Low 7 hrs : High 5 hrs
 20lb bottle - Low 140 hrs : High 100 hrs
Fuel Line3/8 ins copper or approved hose - 3/8 ins flare fitting
Heat Rating - Fan OffLow 3100BTU/h - 727kcal/h ( 844w/h)
 High 4300BTU/h - 1008kcal/h (1170w/h)
Heat Rating - Fan OnLow 6428BTU/h - 1507kcal/h (1749w/h)
 High 9000BTU/h - 2110kcal/h (2449w/h)
Heater DimensionsHeight - 14 ins (35cm)
 Width - 8.5 ins (21.25cm)
 Depth - 5.5 ins (13.75cm)
 Mounted Depth - 6.5 ins (16.25cm)
Weight15 lbs (6.82 kg)
Blower Fan Power Source12VDC
 Power jack for 120VAC to 12VDC installed.
 (500ma 2.1mm Centre Positive)
Dickinson Part No.19-010)
Power Consumption.17amp
S/S Flue Pipe - FlexibleInner nominal - 1.5 ins (37.5mm) diameter.
 Outer nominal - 2.5 ins (62.5mm) diameter
S/S Flue Pipe - FlexibleMinimum Operating Length - 24ins (60cm)
 Maximum Operating Length - 60 ins (1.5m)
Double Flue OutletHeight above deck - 4.5 ins (11.25cm)
Deck Flange diameter6 ins (15cm)
Deck Mount hole sizeMin 3 ins (7.5cm)


Width7.75 ins (19.68 cm)
Depth9 ins (22.86 cm)
Height14.7 ins (37.46 cm)
Weight12 lbs (5.48 kg)
Flue Size3 ins (7.62 cm)
MaterialStainless Steel
FuelCharcoal briquettes, Wood etc
Heat OutputEstimated
Low3000 BTU (703 kcal/hr)
High8000 BTU (1876 kcal/hr)

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