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Twiltley Branch Campground, Collinsville MS

Site 39, Twiltley Branch Campground, Okatibbee Lake, Collinsville MS, Dec 08, 2008
Site 39, Twiltley Branch Campground, Okatibbee Lake, Collinsville MS, Dec 08, 2008

Lakeside camping

I like this park. If you like camping on the water, this campground is right on the water. Most of the sites overlook the lake and a few are right at the waters edge, and about as close to water level as you want to get. I've been staying on Site 39 which puts me back about 50 feet from the waters edge. Not bad but I might choose one closer to the water next time.

Sites 30 and 38 are right on the water - I could back my rig up to within 5 or 10 feet of the water on either of those two and be practically at water level to boot.

Sites 41 and 42 are out at the tip of a peninsula and while not hanging over the water they do offer about a 270 degree view of the lake.

My only beef is the erratic internet connection over Verizon's Broadband service. It varies. Sometimes the service quite usable - other times it slows to a crawl way below dial-up speeds. Cell phone access if fine and usually when I find decent cell service the broadband is serviceable too. No so here.

Here's the description of Twiltley Branch Campground

"The Twiltley Branch Campground is located on Okatibbee Lake in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. You and your family can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, camping, picnicking, hunting, hiking, sightseeing, bird watching or nature photography. Twiltley Branch Campground offers 50 sites with electric and water hookups, 11 sites with water hookups, and 3 group camping areas. Additional amenities include hot showers, laundry facilities, a boat ramp, playground, a pay phone, and a dump station. Campground opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM Gateattendants are on duty to let people out in case of emergencies. Security is provided by Corps Rangers, Lauderdale county Deputies, and contract Park Attendants. Patrols are made on a varied schedule."

Twiltley Branch Campground, Collinsville MS

Nights I've camped here

When Hope Dies

When you give up on hope, something even better happens than it not killing you, which is that in some sense it does kill you. You die. And there's a wonderful thing about being dead, which is that they—those in power—cannot really touch you anymore. Not through promises, not through threats, not through violence itself. Once you're dead in this way, you can still sing, you can still dance, you can still make love, you can still fight like hell—you can still live because you are still alive, more alive in fact than ever before. You come to realize that when hope died, the you who died with the hope was not you, but was the you who depended on those who exploit you, the you who believed that those who exploit you will somehow stop on their own, the you who believed in the mythologies propagated by those who exploit you in order to facilitate that exploitation. The socially constructed you died. The civilized you died. The manufactured, fabricated, stamped, molded you died. The victim died.

And who is left when that you dies? You are left. Animal you. Naked you. Vulnerable (and invulnerable) you. Mortal you. Survivor you. The you who thinks not what the culture taught you to think but what you think. The you who feels not what the culture taught you to feel but what you feel. The you who is not who the culture taught you to be but who you are. The you who can say yes, the you who can say no.