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It's Here Somewhere, Say's Phoebe, San Antonio NM, April 15, 2010
It's Here Somewhere, Say's Phoebe, San Antonio NM, April 15, 2010

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Tools for Communicating

There is no one who can know everything anymore, because there is simply too much information for one lifetime. In the gaps, our tools grow (I choose the organic term carefully), and they allow people to unite and divide movements, to undermine leaders, to elect the unwilling to roles of leadership into which they might grow. No single person can dominate in this world for very long these days, because our tools for communicating link us like ants and we can move the world while undemocratic leaders try to hold it still. People peck the man on the big horse to death like hungry ducks if he leads them down the wrong path or takes too many liberties on the journey.

Mitch Ratcliffe, Februray 27 2003