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Monday, November 24, 2008 - Foscue Creek Park, Demopolis AL

Towboat Thelma Parker II working on the Tombigbee River, Nov 23, 2008.
Towboat Thelma Parker II pushing a load down the Tombigbee River below the Demopolis locks, Nov 23, 2008.

The Thelma Parker II

What a beautiful towboat - ya gotta love the light from those red decks reflecting off the white walls and the under side of roof overhangs above. Here's a short blurb about her I grabbed from Parker Towing Company's page on their vessels.

This 140 foot by 35 foot twin screw towboat was purchased by Parker Towing Company, Inc. in December, 2004.

Built in 1974 by Mainstream Shipyards, Greenville, MS., it is powered by two 16 cylinder GENERAL MOTORS E.M.D. model 645 diesel engines, delivering 3,800 horse power through 3.79 to 1 FALK reduction gears. Originally named the FRANK H. PEAVY while owned by Greenville Towing Co., Inc. It was transfered to William Leasing Company, Greenville, MS in March, 1979 and renamed SHELLY MOTT. Sold in May, 1982 to TPC Transportation Company Inc., St. Louis, MO. and renamed SNO SHEEN. Sold in February, 1989 to Peavey, MS and renamed GREENVILLE. Sold in March, 1996 to American Commercial Barge Line, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

It replaces the original M/V Thelma Parker which was destroyed by a devastating fire while transiting the Tenn-Tom Waterway on October 18, 1998. It is presently in service on the Warrior-Tombigbee River, Tenn-Tom, Tennessee, Ohio, Upper and Lower Mississippi, Intercoastal East Waterways and Mobile Bay.

She appears to be in good hands today.

Night camp

Site 45 - Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis AL

I Mourn the World in Which I Live

And for doing all this I will hate myself. I mourn the world in which I live because for me there is no place unless I compromise. All I can do is gather up the shattered remains of my hope and love and in the debris of the world keep at least one small blaze of poetry burning....

an anonymous participant in one of Murray's Harvard psychological stress tests in the 50's, also undergone by Ted Kazynski