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Wednesday, December 19, 2007 - Foscue Creek Park, Demopolis AL

Green chair, on the peninsula behind LD, site 42, Foscue Creek Park, Demopolis AL, December 15, 2007
Green chair, on the peninsula behind LD, site 42, Foscue Creek Park, Demopolis AL, December 15, 2007

So what's with the green chair?

This green chair has been with me a long time. It is one of a pair of these wonderful aluminum folding chairs I inherited from my mom so I've had them over 20 years now and I can't remember how long mom had them; quite a while, probably since the late '50. Here's an article, Unseating a summer icon: One of the most popular chairs ever manufactured is vanishing from the American landscape, in the August 14, 2001 Chicago Tribune lamenting the passage of the ubiquitous folding lawn chair from the scene, pushed out by the chair-in-a-bag.

Maybe I should give the green chair a bag.

Let's give the green chair a ride

This green chair has already shown up in a couple of pictures on this journal. Let's see if it continues to show up. Give the old girl a little publicity on this trip. Kind of in the vein of the traveling pink flamingo (for those who remember those gags) but this time traveling with LD.

My morning walk yielded a few good photos

This morning I took an extra long walk just about sunrise on this partly cloudy morning. I took a record (for me) 100 pictures in varying early morning light as the clouds came and went. Hopefully I got a few good ones. We'll soon see. Meanwhile oatmeal beckons.

A while later: It looks like I got a few good pictures out of the 100 I took this morning. I seem to get one keeper in twenty shots - a 5% return. Interestingly, the first shot of a series is usually the best of the bunch. Taking a few more to bracket things and refine the composition and so on generally doesn't help a bit. That first intuitive sighting is usually better than the thought through one that follows.

Darn, it looks like we're in for a bit of rain here in Demopolis AL

Demopolis AL weather at

Night camp

Site 42 - Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis AL

As My Breathing Evened Out

As my breathing evened out, I began to notice other sensations. The water felt different from any other water I'd ever swum in, as if it were more solid than fluid, as though I were swimming through a liquid Sno-Kone. [swimming in 33 degree water / 34 degree air]

Swimming To Antarctica, Lynne Cox, The New Yorker, February 3, 2003