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Monday, May 9, 2011 - Clarinda IA

Power & Light, Hastings NE, May 8, 2011
Power & Light, Hastings NE, May 8, 2011

Oh shit...

This has been an interesting day. Clarinda IA and Nodaway Valley Park is not where I expected to be spending the night. Some days even the vaguest of plans go awry.

Some time early in the sweltering hot humid afternoon I pulled off the road for a pee break and to refill my water cup. Funny smell in the bathroom - guess the airflow has reversed for some reason. It happens. Ah well.

I pull back onto the road and hear a funny scraping noise, look in the mirror and see a scrape in the dirt and a small dust cloud where I left the verge.

Back to the verge I go.

Yikes! - the leading edge of the black water tank dropped and is dragging on the ground. This ain't gonna be fun - as luck would have it that black tank is darned near full. That's about 20 gallons and a hundred and fifty pounds of stuff now vastly complicating this little problem.

Stay tuned

I have long had an uncanny way of getting out of tight spots on the road - I have many many such stories from my long distance motorcycling days - now there's another to add to the growing list of RVing tight spot stories.

Night camp

Site 9 - Nodaway Valley Park, Clarinda IA

On Food and Freedom

Here I've clipped a few paragraphs from the excellent talk Return to Slavery: Will you be eating China's dust for breakfast? by Billie Best, Executive Director, Regional Farm and Food Project given on April 19, 2006 to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Ecologic Club - Troy, New York, On the occasion of Ecologic Club launching a campaign to get more local foods into their campus food system.