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Friday, January 14, 2011 - Percha Dam State Park, Arrey NM

Onions along the Canal, Arrey NM, March 26, 2009
Onions along the Canal, Arrey NM, March 26, 2009

More onions please

Eleven months have passed and we see the same onion field, shot from a different perspective. We ate last years crop; we need more onions. We have burgers to top.

Skyline Produce, Hatch NM:This high-tech facility typically unloads 35-50 trucks per day, all in the evening after the weather cools down. Their state-of-the-art dryer can hold up to 120,000 pounds of onions. Nearly 16,000 fifty-pound-bag equivalents flow through the facility each day. The sorting equipment can process 1,500 to 2,000 bags per hour. The onions are all harvested mechanically. [source link]

Southern states grow short-day onions. As the northern latitude increases, the day length requirement for bulbing increases. During the summer months, northern latitudes will have longer day-lengths than southern latitudes. Need to prevent bulbing in order to get large plant otherwise small plant, small bulb. Long-day cultivars at northern latitudes grow longer before bulbing than short-day cultivars. Conversely, Long-day cultivars grow in southern latitudes never reach critical day-length for bulbing so grows a large plant with out bulbing. [source link]

Night camp

Site 23 - Percha Dam State Park, Arrey NM

Fit In Better

We Americans hail from families of immigrants newly arrived, seeking approval from better-established immigrants deposited by the previous boat. Even the best adjusted of us have inherited a message of social inferiority from generations of moms telling generations of kids to fit in better, speak English better, display better manners, etc. I suggest that this heritage weighs on us more than we want to acknowledge at levels we don't want to address.

Britt Blaser, Escapable Logic 2/20/2003