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Tuesday, December 28, 2010 - LoW-HI RV Ranch, Deming NM

Snow Geese, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, San Antonio NM, February 1, 2010
Snow Geese, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, San Antonio NM, February 1, 2010

Morning at JT's Auto Service

There. That's done. After a morning at JT's Auto Service LD now sports a fine newly rebuilt air conditioner compressor and a new belt tensioner pulley. That quieted the belt just fine.

Now it's on to find replacements for the rear tires which are getting down to their last 10% or so of tread depth. That's plenty far enough for me. I'll sacrifice that 10% for a little peace of mind out on the highway. A flat dually will often disintegrate before the driver even notices it has gone soft. We've all seen those road snakes out there. Trouble is, a disintegrating dually can do major damage to the plywood wheel wells on the Lazy Daze. I'd rather not deal with that if I can help it thank you.

So tomorrow I'm off to the tire shop JT's recommended, Tinley-Tee Tire & Auto Services, a mile across town.

Night camp

Boondocked - LoW-HI RV Ranch, Deming NM

That's the Point of Emotions: Survival

That's the point of emotions: survival. Normal emotions are essential to staying alive and well. ... To most people this doesn't make sense. We humans tend to think of emotions as dangerous forces that need to be strictly controlled by reason and logic. But that's not how the brain works. In the brain logic and reason are never separate from emotion. Nothing is neutral. That's what you have to remember. ... A lot of people's emotional life is unconscious a lot of the time, especially when you're calmly thinking something through. You feel like you're just using logic, but you're actually using logic guided by emotion. You just aren't aware of the emotion. ... I recommend Descartes' Error to anyone who's interested in emotions, intuition, and decision making. ... Nature seems to have tried to wire animals and people to have useful emotions, useful meaning emotions that keep us alive long enough to reproduce. Emotions keep us alive by letting us make good predictions about the future, and good predictions let us make good decisions about what comes next.