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Monday, May 3, 2010 - Beymer Park, Lakin KS

Becalmed, Beymer Park, Lakin KS, May 3, 2010
Becalmed, Beymer Park, Lakin KS, May 3, 2010

I'm a happy camper. After a delightful weekend at Clayton Lake State Park, Clayton NM I thought I'd head up to Lamar CO, do my laundry, and spend the night at Walmart. But that plan didn't work out. The town didn't give me friendly vibes for some reason I can't quite figure out so I headed east thinking I might come across a nice small park somewhere. And I did - right here at Lakin KS. In fact I'm so becalmed by the fast Verizon internet connection here I'm going to lay over an extra day and play catch up. It's quiet - it doesn't look like anyone has spent a night here in quite a while - and the price is right, just $5.00 for water and electric. Not a bad deal. And as you can see - the wind isn't blowing either....

Night camp

Site 7 - Beymer Water Recreation Park, Lakin KS

Fit In Better

We Americans hail from families of immigrants newly arrived, seeking approval from better-established immigrants deposited by the previous boat. Even the best adjusted of us have inherited a message of social inferiority from generations of moms telling generations of kids to fit in better, speak English better, display better manners, etc. I suggest that this heritage weighs on us more than we want to acknowledge at levels we don't want to address.

Britt Blaser, Escapable Logic 2/20/2003