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Thursday, April 22, 2010 - Hidden Valley RV Park, Tijeras NM

Great Egret, San Antonio NM, April 21, 2010
Great Egret, San Antonio NM, April 21, 2010


Boy am I going to miss my morning walks in this bounteous Rio Grande valley. I've had a great 3 month stay here at the Bosque, spring is well under way, and now it's time for me to head east for the summer. I'm pulling out today on the first leg of that long journey. A leg that will only get me as far as Albuquerque where I want to stop at the Apple store for a look at the new iPad. The idea of a bigger screened iPod touch with the extra features of the iPad, like GPS location awareness, might make it a great fit in this mobile lifestyle and I want to check it out.

Night camp

Site 68 - Hidden Valley RV Park, Tijeras NM

Running With the Pack

Hardly anyone out there is going to take this seriously, but TV changes you. The kicker is that if you watch it all the time, you'll never know, which under normal circumstances ought to scare you shitless...

No amount of sermonizing will make a difference here, so I'll move on. But I'm telling you, it's true. If you disconnect from the medium long enough to stop associating certain days and times with TV shows you're used to watching, you WILL be different, with values and behavior that arise from sources you never knew existed. There is no arguing with this, you simply have to experience it.