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Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - Bosque Birdwatchers RV Park, San Antonio NM

Swainson's Hawk, San Antonio NM, April 11, 2010
Swainson's Hawk, San Antonio NM, April 11, 2010

An irrigating opportunity

Run some irrigation water into the cow pasture and the little critters thriving amongst the piles of nutrients run for their lives. The local birds of prey are having a field day - and so am I. It's been a good chance for me to get a few more photos on my daily walks. We like it.

I'm still at it

Yesterday I set out to reformat this site to center on a wide browser window and the project is coming along nicely but you may see some strange behavior here from time to time.

It's taken me a while to figure out a site navigation scheme to replace the links I had in the left sidebar. The Google ads over there I just dropped - I'm not sure how much having a third ad over there was contributing to the pretty consistent dollar-a-day Google has been paying me for years now but I guess we'll find out. It's nice to have that bit of revenue to offset my site hosting costs but it's not enough to worry about. Moving the link to my Amazon store with my camera kit from the sidebar up to the header above the daily photo I'm not too happy with - it moves the photo down the page too far. Gotta rethink that one.

Night camp

Site 16 - Bosque Bird Watcher's RV Park, San Antonio NM

Alex Can Spell

Not very long ago, Dr. Pepperberg began trying to teach Alex and another gray parrot, Griffin, to sound out phonemes, which are the sounds that letters and letter combinations represent. English has forty phonemes altogether. She and her colleagues wanted to see if the birds understood that words are made out of letters that could be recombined to make other words, so they started training the birds with magnetic refrigerator letters.