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Thursday, December 3, 2009 - Brantley Lake State Park, Carlsbad NM

Wiring and water pump under the sink, Brantley Lake State Park, Carlsbad NM, December 3, 2009
Wiring and water pump under the sink, Brantley Lake State Park, Carlsbad NM, December 3, 2009

Mixing water and electricity

I guess the scenario you see in the picture above is ok if the water pump doesn't leak too long but, as I said yesterday, the idea of strapping wiring to the floor in company with one of these notoriously prone to leaks water pumps doesn't seem like a great idea to me. If I can come up with an easily implemented alternative to this arrangement I'll do something. It might be easier to move the pump, maybe into the open area under the toilet in the bathroom, than to move the wiring - but that still leaves the wiring vulnerable to other plumbing leaks in a compartment not often accessed. It might be better if I can elevate the wiring off the floor - even a half inch would do - just enough so water can drain away from the wires.

[later] On second thought, sitting here looking at that picture, it occurs to me the wires themselves should be insulated with waterproof jackets and I might be over-reacting. Maybe all I need to do is be sure any connections are elevated and in the picture it looks like they already are.

The pump has shipped and I should have it Monday. That gives me the weekend to mull this over. In the mean time the leakage is minimal if I turn the pump off between uses and open a faucet to relieve the pressure in the system.

Night camp

Site 37 - Brantley Lake State Park, Carlsbad NM

Over Fifty

Some of this has been painful for me, but it's all been wildly instructive. And it convinced me that nearly every person over fifty should try to find a time to sit down and engage in the same exercise, even if you never intend to publish anything. You need to think about what really meant something to you. Who did you really love. Who really made you what you are. What the seminal events did. And also it's an incredible discipline. Because I found it shocking to me what I remember and what I don't. It's shocking to me what I can remember factually and how hard it is for me to be absolutely sure about how I felt at the time. You know, how did I feel when I was 16? I don't really know.

Bill Clinton, on writing his memoir, in an interview with James Fallows, the Atlantic Monthly