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Sunday, August 16, 2009 - Red Rock, East Chatham NY

Wire art series #8 - Top Hat, ca. early 1990's, photographed April 25, 2009
Wire art series #8 - Top Hat, ca. early 1990's, photographed April 25, 2009

About fifteen years ago I started playing around bending wire into bird, animal, and human figures and some inanimate figures as well. Back in April I was showing some of them to Kate and with her encouragement we spent a sunny morning photographing them. I'm presenting a few of those images in a series here.

An image of this guy appeared on a special edition cover of Wired Magazine a few years ago. Wired published a special run of 100 with individual subscribers pictures on the cover of their magazine that month. I submitted a photo of this guy as my photo and it was accepted. Fun.

Night camp

On my property off Less Traveled Road - The Home Place, Red Rock, East Chatham NY

Mix With the World

I am convinced our own happiness requires that we should continue to mix with the world, and to keep pace with it. . . . I can speak from experience on the subject. From 1793 to 1797, I remained closely at home, saw none but those who came there, and at length became very sensible of the ill effect it had upon my mind, and of its direct and irresistible tendency to render me unfit for society, and uneasy when necessarily engaged in it. I felt enough of the effect of withdrawing from the world then to see that it led to an anti-social and misanthropic state of mind, which severely punishes him who gives in to it; and it will be a lesson I never shall forget as to myself.

John Adams