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Sunday, August 16, 2009 - Red Rock, East Chatham NY

Wire art series #8 - Top Hat, ca. early 1990's, photographed April 25, 2009
Wire art series #8 - Top Hat, ca. early 1990's, photographed April 25, 2009

About fifteen years ago I started playing around bending wire into bird, animal, and human figures and some inanimate figures as well. Back in April I was showing some of them to Kate and with her encouragement we spent a sunny morning photographing them. I'm presenting a few of those images in a series here.

An image of this guy appeared on a special edition cover of Wired Magazine a few years ago. Wired published a special run of 100 with individual subscribers pictures on the cover of their magazine that month. I submitted a photo of this guy as my photo and it was accepted. Fun.

Night camp

On my property off Less Traveled Road - The Home Place, Red Rock, East Chatham NY

The Eat What You Fancy Diet

The central plank of Sophie's thinking is that you can eat any damn thing you like, be it chocolate, crisps, chips or cheese ? in fact, that it's good for you to eat what you want, because 'forbidden foods' develop a powerful allure. This disappears when food is freely available, reasons Sophie.... The trick, however, that lets you achieve your natural, correct body weight is to eat only because you are hungry, and stop when you are full. Harder than it sounds, of course, and this is where the Beyond Chocolate tactics come in. [...]