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Sunday, August 2, 2009 - Red Rock, East Chatham NY

The culverts are running; the culverts are running, July 31, 2009
The culverts are running; the culverts are running, July 31, 2009

Floods of '09

In the last few days we've had 2 floods here second only to the 100 year flood back in the summer of '00. These culverts are normally dry in the summer but this year they have been running constantly.

Tomorrow looks to be a sunny day - a day to resume my leak detection program...

Catching up

As my few faithful readers know, I've been seriously behind in my posts of late and finally got caught up to date. If you want to step back to where I left off, you can start at Friday, July 24, 2009 - Pittsfield MA

Night camp

On my property off Less Traveled Road - The Home Place, Red Rock, East Chatham NY

Playing and Learning and Loving

..There is a Byzantium, but not the one Yeats writes about. There is another country the aging occupy and which we share with children. Its borders are formed by the animal that arises in puberty and subsides with the onset of wisdom. It is a land where seven and seventy are kin. Where there are no concerns other than playing and learning and loving. The inhabitants of this land are in no hurry. Our days are dense with experiences. We have, as the Spanish say, more time than life.

Going the Distance: One Man's Journey to the End of His Life George Sheehan, M. D.