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May 01, 2008

Southeastern Kansas is a bit hilly and so is southern Missouri. I'm finding that once I get off the plains the state roads get a bit slower and more fatiguing to drive, especially with the winds out here the past couple of days.

With the rising gas prices, I've been a bit concerned LD's gas mileage might suffer on the Interstate but that doesn't seem to be the case. At my usual 65 mph I find I'm running just a tad over 9 mpg pretty consistently.

Night camp:

Wal-Mart parking lot, Sullivan, Missouri

Hobnobbing with Brigham Young

The day following my arrival in the flourishing City of the Saints, as they called it then and still call it, I very unexpectedly met and formed the acquaintance of Brigham Young. I was riding along at the head of my flock of sheep when a stoutly built, florid faced genteel-looking man, whose hair was just turning gray, walked down to the street from one of the most pretentious residences in the place and inquired whose sheep I had charge of.