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Thursday, February 14, 2008 - Rockhound State Park, Deming NM

A view headed down the Dog Canyon Trail, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo NM, February 2, 2008
A view headed down the Dog Canyon Trail, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo, New Mexico, February 2, 2008

Today I moved to Rockhound State Park southeast of Deming, New Mexico

I probably would have stayed at Pancho Villa State Park for the long President's Day weekend and then moved to Rockhound next Tuesday but I ran out of food and, Rockhound being closer to food than Pancho Villa, after restocking I headed over this way.

A couple of hours after I got set up here folks with a fairly new blue Lazy Daze 26-1/2 Mid Bath pulled in next door. They left early the next morning and, silly me for not introducing myself this afternoon, I didn't get to meet them.

Night camp

Site 28 - Rockhound State Park, Deming NM

Over Fifty

Some of this has been painful for me, but it's all been wildly instructive. And it convinced me that nearly every person over fifty should try to find a time to sit down and engage in the same exercise, even if you never intend to publish anything. You need to think about what really meant something to you. Who did you really love. Who really made you what you are. What the seminal events did. And also it's an incredible discipline. Because I found it shocking to me what I remember and what I don't. It's shocking to me what I can remember factually and how hard it is for me to be absolutely sure about how I felt at the time. You know, how did I feel when I was 16? I don't really know.

Bill Clinton, on writing his memoir, in an interview with James Fallows, the Atlantic Monthly