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Susquehanna Trail Campground, Oneonta NY

Susquehanna Trail Campground is right in the middle of the beautiful rolling hills near the Susquehanna River. If sightseeing is your thing the campsite is close to many of the areas greatest attractions; a half mile from the Soccer Hall of Fame, two miles from Cooperstown All-star Village, and 25 miles from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Susquehanna Trail Campground, Oneonta NY

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More Toward Realism than Fantasy

I've always been drawn more toward realism than fantasy, because it seems to me that realism is endlessly interesting and finally indeterminable. Realism is a species of fantasy that's much more integrated and hard-core than fantasy itself, but if you are ready to come to grips with the inevitable slipperiness of most available facts, you come to recognize that realism is not a direct approach to the truth so much as it is the most concentrated form of fantasy.

Birds and Lions, Norman Mailer, the New Yorker, December 23 & 30, 2002