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Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - Lingle WY

Rain, Alcova Reservoir, Alcova WY, May 4, 2011
Rain, Alcova Reservoir, Alcova WY, May 4, 2011

The end

Today I saw the last day of this winters adventures in the west. Heading eastward across Wyoming I leave the mountains behind and head down onto the great plains and see the last of the western culture this trip.

Night camp

Site n/a - Pony Soldier RV Park, Lingle WY

Alex Can Think

Animal researchers are finally beginning to catch up to the little old ladies in tennis shoes who say Fifi the poodle can think. The fights are always between a big group of experts who think animals don't have a lot of feelings or aren't very smart, and a much smaller group of researchers who think there's a lot more going on inside an animal's head than we know. The really nasty fights always seem to go one way: it's always the animal "debunkers" who are on the attack. At least, I don't remember a single big academic fight where someone got fired or lost their funding for doing a study where the animal turned out to be dumber than people thought, and lots of studies like that have been done. Claiming that an animal can't do something isn't considered blasphemous.