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Monday, April 25, 2011 - Devil's Canyon Campground, Blanding UT

Microclimate, White Canyon, Fry Canyon UT, April 22, 2011
Microclimate, White Canyon, Fry Canyon UT, April 22, 2011

Cactus in a hole

Clever cactus. Found a nice warm microclimate in a hole. Got a couple weeks head start on spring. Things might get a little tough later in the summer. Tradeoffs - it's all about tradeoffs.


It rained hard overnight. There is water in the crick. A couple feet of it. There won't be any exploratory hikes for a day or two. Ah well, I'm outa here - gotta go pick up my mail in Blanding.

Night camp

Site 7 - Devil's Canyon Campground, Blanding UT

The Heliograph in the Apache Wars

"The mountains and the sun...were made his allies, the eyes of his command, and the carriers of swift messages. By a system of heliograph signals, communications were sent with almost incredible swiftness; in one instance a message traveled seven hundred miles in four hours. The messages, flashed by mirrors from peak to peak of the mountains, disheartened the Indians as they crept stealthily or rode swiftly through the valleys, assuring them that all their arts and craft had not availed to conceal their trails, that troops were pursuing them and others awaiting them. The telescopes of the Signal Corps, who garrisoned the rudely built but impregnable works on the mountains, permitted no movement by day, no cloud of dust even in the valleys below to escape attention. Little wonder that the Indians thought that the powers of the unseen world were confederated against them."