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Friday, April 15, 2011 - Utah Rt 12, East of Escalante UT

Sunrise on the Ridge, Escalante UT, April 14, 2011
Sunrise on the Ridge, Escalante UT, April 14, 2011

What a spot

The views are fantastic in every direction, the hiking out the ridge is great, there is practically no traffic (and what little there is is out of sight and sound over the hill). This is about the nicest boodocking spot I've come across to date and it seems to be seldom used - I haven't seen another living soul since I rolled up here mid day Wednesday. Maybe I'll stay the weekend. I've got plenty of supplies and no need to be anywhere else.

Night camp

Boondocked - Utah Route 12 East of Escalante UT

It's Time to Go Home

The truth about nature is that she is inside us, all around us, just waiting for us to ask her what to do. The truth about civilization is that it was an honest mistake, an invention that was necessary at the time, a mere 30,000 years ago, when nature appeared to be letting us down and we thought we could do better. But now it has outlived its usefulness, and is out of control, and threatens the survival of all life on our planet, so it's time to let it go. It's time to move forward and imagine and invent a new culture, a sustainable one that works for all creatures on Earth, drawing on the best learnings from nature and the best innovations from civilization.

It's time to go home.