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Monday, January 10, 2011 - LoW-HI RV Ranch, Deming NM

Condemned, San Antonio NM, January 30, 2010
Condemned, San Antonio NM, January 30, 2010

Tomorrow I'm outa here

It's time to get a move on. I'm beginning to develop a case of what Brian Gore calls "hitch itch" on his goin' RV Boondocking blog, and I need to get moving before I into out a rash. I want to start my trek up the Rio Grande valley to San Antonio NM. I'm getting anxious to get up there to spend a month or so photographing the Sandhill Cranes wintering at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge before they head off for their summer nesting grounds in mid February.

I delayed my departure a day from LoW-HI RV Ranch, Deming NM to put in long days yesterday and today to get some basic restructuring of this website in place. That's pretty much done and the old version of the site has been condemned.

Night camp

Site 8 - LoW-HI RV Ranch, Deming NM

Heliograph routes of the 1890 Practice

The date was May 15th, 1890, and the Army's Department of Arizona had just completed a major heliograph practice; it was, in fact, the largest the world had ever seen. I call it the "Volkmar Practice", after the man responsible for it, Col. Wm. J. Volkmar, the Assistant Adjutant General and Chief Signal Officer for the Department of Arizona. Although the practice lasted only sixteen days, preparations for it took months of reconnaissance and preparation. Involved in the long range signaling maneuvers were twenty-five heliograph stations stretching from Whipple Barracks near Prescott to Fort Stanton near Ruidoso, New Mexico. My guess is that close to two hundred men were involved, both cavalry and infantry.