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Monday, May 10, 2010 - Freeman Community Club RV Park, Freeman MO

My Blue Buds, Spiderwort, Lyndon KS, May 9, 2010
My Blue Buds, Spiderwort, Lyndon KS, May 9, 2010

I quit

What a miserable day to drive. Gusty headwindy. Raining. Bah! I pulled into the first place I found - this little community RV park just 70 miles into my days drive. Enough already.

Kansas State flowerpot

On my eastbound route this morning I passed a nicely kept white painted old farm silo. You see these old silos everywhere around farm country where time and technology has outrun their function. But rarely cared for. And this is a first for me - bursting forth well above the top of the silo is a full grown hardwood tree. In better weather I'd have stopped for a picture. By the time I got to the KS line I saw several more well tended silo "pots" - enough to name them the Kansas State Flowerpot.

What an elaborate killdeer nest

Yeah, right - a slight depression in the crushed stone drive of the next site over - filled with crushed stone colored eggs. I never would have found it if momma hadn't gone nuts feigning a broken wing as I walked by, nearly stepping in the nest. This park may be lightly used but even so it'll be a miracle if this pair can raise a family and get 'em fledged before disaster strikes. I'll see if I can get a picture tomorrow morning when the rain is forecast to let up. Seems I've said that a lot today.

Night camp

Site 5 - Freeman Community Club RV Park, Freeman MO

Nights I've camped here


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