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Saturday, August 8, 2009 - Red Rock, East Chatham NY

Wire art series #3 - Cat, ca. early 1990's, photographed April 25, 2009
Wire art series #3 - Cat, ca. early 1990's, photographed April 25, 2009

About fifteen years ago I started playing around bending wire into bird, animal, and human figures and some inanimate figures as well. Back in April I was showing some of them to Kate and with her encouragement we spent a sunny morning photographing them. I'm presenting a few of those images in a series here.

Night camp

On my property off Less Traveled Road - The Home Place, Red Rock, East Chatham NY

Relive Your Traumas

I suppose you have to relive your traumas in a way that is somewhat controlled and contained in order to move on from them. Some things you can walk quickly away from and never look back and other things bid you look again and again until you see something of the truth of them. I believe you have to let yourself remember and relive, that you have to find a way to settle with your past because you and it are always going to occupy the same headspace - you cannot separate yourself from anything you have ever done or seen or thought. You have to be able to look at the elements of the past without flinching and I believe that sometimes takes a few kicks at the cat. Or it does for me, anyway. It doesn't change anything - but it makes it easier to be comfortable in my skin.

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