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Apr 17, 2008 - Camped at Rockhound State Park, Deming NM

I'm back at Rockhound for just one night after a day of running errands in Deming. Tomorrow I'll be heading over to Leasburg Dam State Park north of Las Cruses NM to meet up with friends for a few days.

Night camp:

Site 26, Rockhound State Park, Deming, New Mexico

Walking the edge, I am. ...

... On some days breathing, eating and not folding into a ball in a corner is all I can manage. I had a few of those days in the past three weeks. It reminds me, in ways I do not like to be reminded, just how damaged I really am.

Like a character from the television show "Cheers" once said, "It's a dog eat dog world out there - and I'm wearing milkbone underwear."