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Monday, February 11, 2008 - Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus NM

Line cabin, Dog Canyon Trail, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo NM, February 2, 2008
Line cabin, Dog Canyon Trail, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo, New Mexico, February 2, 2008

The line cabin is built against a rock

What a clever idea. And what a great rock for the purpose. See how economically the builders of this little cabin set it right up against the flat side of that big rock? Most likely the work of building the cabin was done entirely by hand and those guys must have jumped at the chance to carry 25% fewer stones over here and fit them into place.

That rock probably has a moderating influence on the daily temperature extremes down here in this defile too. I don't know if that's helpful in the extreme summer heat but it should help keep the cabin warm during those cold winter nights after the sun goes down even though the sun doesn't reach this rock until late in the day during the winter months. If it reaches the rock at all in mid winter - it was mid day when I took this picture and as you can see the sun still hasn't quite reached the rock and I didn't stick around to see if the sun touched it later in the day.

Working on website

Today I started tweaking this website a bit to see if I can archive these Travels pages in a way that will make them easier to navigate. The Yesterday and Tomorrow links at the bottom of the pages are fine for linear reading but just don't cut it for finding older stuff. It wouldn't hurt if I managed to make some improvements to the whole site for that matter but I don't know if I can keep my attention trained on the project long enough to make a difference. We'll see.

Night camp

Site 29 - Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus NM

The Credential of the Dominant

The general veneration that greets the academy is a sign of its near-sacred station and of the importance of its role in, as Bourdieu would view it, the reproduction of the dominant class and its habitus. Although the rewards of academics are middling in terms of financial capital, the cultural capital they accrue cannot be surpassed. To have a college degree -- only about one-quarter of American adults do -- is to have the credential of the dominant; not to have a college degree is to remain forever among the dominated.

The Whipping Boy, Jib Fowles, Reason magazine, March 2001