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Friday, November 16, 2007

LD set up on Site 22, Foscue Creek Park. Demopolis AL

Beating the frost south

My immediate goal is to get south of the encroaching cold weather before my tanks freeze. The fresh water tank should be no problem - it's nestled inside under the kitchen counter - but the gray water and black water tanks are hung under the floor and I'm afraid they might freeze and burst. The last couple of weeks I've been keeping an eye on them and so far so good even though we've had a few nights in the low twenties in Red Rock there seems to be enough thermal mass to keep them from freezing.

On toward Ikea

Friday took me as far as Clarion PA, on my way to visit an Ikea store. The nearest along my route southward is the store near Pittsburg PA. I'm looking for some light weight cabinets to serve as a pedestal for the desk top I've built in the back living area of the Lazy Daze.

Night camp: Wal-Mart parking lot in Clarion PA

I Mourn the World in Which I Live

And for doing all this I will hate myself. I mourn the world in which I live because for me there is no place unless I compromise. All I can do is gather up the shattered remains of my hope and love and in the debris of the world keep at least one small blaze of poetry burning....

an anonymous participant in one of Murray's Harvard psychological stress tests in the 50's, also undergone by Ted Kazynski