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Leatherworking, woodworking, and metalworking tools, tips and supplies

  • Sewing Leather
    • A few sources of information on the tools and techniques used in hand and machine sewing leather.
  • Abrasive Backing Materials
    • Designations, weights and uses of the most common paper, cloth and fiber backing materials for sandpaper and abrasive belts and discs.
  • Abrasive Grains
    • There are several naturally occurring and manufactured grains used to make abrasive papers, wheels, stones, etc., each with characteristics more or less suitable for a particular application.
  • Abrasive Grit Sizes
    • This table lists the grit sizes used in making sandpaper and abrasive belts, wheels, stones and hones used for sanding, sharpening, and polishing, etc.
  • Abrasives - Definition Selection and Use
    • What is an abrasive, how does an abrasive work, how is an abrasive made, and how do I select the right abrasive for the job?
  • Husqvarna Model 266 Chainsaw
    • I bought this saw way back in 1987. It has served me well. It has good power, handles nicely, and was reliable until cylinder wear broke through into a sand casting hole in the cylinder wall. A new cylinder and piston fixed that little problem and the saw runs as good as new.
  • Graule Radial Arm Saw
    • I bought this Graule radial arm saw back in the early 1980s and it has been a real workhorse. The only repair it has needed is new linear slide bearings a few years back.
  • Jewelry Making Tips and Resources
    • I've been making some wrought stainless steel jewelry and am using this page as a place to collect bits of information and tips and tricks I find useful.
  • Sam Maloof's Finishing Technique
    • This wonderful description of Sam Maloof's wood finishing technique was published in Woodshop News.
  • Sources of Metals and Metalworking Supplies
    • This page is a collection of links to sources of metals, metal working tools and supplies, and machine shop tricks and tips I've come across.
  • My Power Tools
    • Information about a few of my power tools.
  • Industrial Sewing Machines and Supplies
    • I have an old Juki 562 industrial sewing machine I use for my leatherworking and here I collect information useful in maintaing and using the machine.
  • How To Sharpen Hand Tools and Knives
    • Eventually I hope to write my own page on sharpening but in the mean time I've collected some links to articles devoted to knife sharpening.
  • My Old Pryibil Industrial Tablesaw
    • I bought an old table saw from a picker friend back in the early '70s for $100.00. It's a well over 100 year old heavy cast iron industrial 12 inch table saw made by P. Pryibil. It's been a real workhorse.
  • How to Make a Foam Cushion
    • Measure the space you need to fill with cushions.  Draw a pattern if needed. Sew your cushion covers to have the dimensions of the space they need to fill.