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Western Kingbird, San Antonio NM, April 15, 2010

John's Pretty Good Oatmeal

My aversion to oatmeal has stuck to me as tenaciously as mother's oatmeal stuck to my ribs back in the day. I'll bet you remember the stuff - a glutenous glob sitting in a puddle of milk with some brown sugar tossed on it. Ughh!! It's taken over 50 years of eating some pretty bad oatmeal to get up the gumption to overthrow mothers presence in the kitchen and make oatmeal my way.

Breakfast at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo, New Mexico, January 29, 2008

Let's talk oatmeal

We've had our coffee. Let's talk oatmeal.

Ughh!!.... oatmeal!
can I have Cheerios?.

At the time I developed this recipe I thought oatmeal was a good thing and that it deserved a place on the table now and then. Now that I've moved on to a low carb diet I'm not so sure. But I'll leave it here for those who might enjoy it.

John's pretty good oatmeal

John's pretty good oatmeal isn't your mother's oatmeal. This is post-mother's oatmeal. Oatmeal for the new millennium. Oatmeal with some kick. A lighter, punched up oatmeal.

Cook together

Put the pot on the stove and bring it to a boil, shut the heat off and cover the pot for a few minutes to let it steep. Decant the resulting thick oatmeal soup into your favorite cereal bowl.

Top it with

John's pretty good oatmeal

There you have it - John's pretty good oatmeal

I haven't gone very far here today but you get the idea - lighten it up and punch it up.

Excuse me, my oatmeal is getting cold.