Green Eggs & Ham(burger)
Green Eggs & Ham(burger)


Good, nutritional food underpins a healthy body. Much of what is sold as food today is no more than the 1960's Popular Science view of our future of meals in a pill. There have to be better ways to eat and thrive.

Food is primary to good health

Food is primary to our existence and good food is essential to our long term well being. It is literally true that we are what we eat and if we want to feel good and feel good for the long haul we must eat food that enhances our health and well being.

My thoughts about what constitutes a good diet are constantly changing . There is a lot of conflicting claims and advise out there and finding the good, grounded truth amidst all the noise is quite a trick. Big Food is constantly trying to reassure us their latest concoction is safe and nutritious and health enhancing. Others beg to differ. Big Medicine stands behind Big Food ready to patch us up when something goes awry.

Some thoughts

My personal goal

My personal goal is to figure out what a healthy diet really is, prepare it in a way I like it, eat it, and try to avoid the worst of industrial food and medicine. This should with some luck help stave off a long slow decline into poor health and the chemical and surgical fixes big medicine stands ready offer me. With this in mind I'll occasionally update a page I call John's Rules for Healthy Eating as my ideas of a healthy diet evolves.

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