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PT-1845 Fire Damage Repairs

To Tram:

Terry says tramming the half mile or so I have to go to take it to my shop is no problem. He says it's important not to tram without oil in the system or damage will result so I must determine to my satisfaction that the hoses are sound enough not to burst during the tram. Terry says no pressure should build up except in the brake circuit, and that it would take a hot fire to weaken the hoses that much, and if it did I'd see oil seeping by now. Check brake circuit hoses carefully.


Saturday 6/28/03 We have continuity - in both fuses. [1]

Sunday 6/29/03 Conjecture. I think but cannot now confirm that the positive battery cable and the start wire from Terminal 12 to the starter solenoid crossed paths and were normally lying across each other. Might the evidence of current flow indicated by the blob of copper at the severed end of the start wire[2] have been caused by the fire melting or burning the insulation off both wires at which point they shorted and energized the starter (while I was away getting the extinguisher and didn't hear it) until the wires burned through?

The dark area appearing in [3] at the bottom of the loop of the postive battery cable is where the start wire and the positive battery cable both burned completely through leaving a gap that appears dark in the photo - the thin wire coming down from the solenoid parallel to the positive cable is the severed start wire.

Saturday 7/12/03

Sunday 7/13/03 Put together labor and material estimates based on a "just-get-it-going" repair program. It looks like $5,000 - 7,000 should do it.

Tuesday 7/15/03 Towed tractor to tractorport - opened tram valve, cracked wheel motor lines at pump, and towed the 1/2 mile very slowly.

Thursday 7/17/03 Drained hydraulic tank. Removed fuel tank assembly.

Saturday 7/19/03 Removed hood and lifted engine up onto beams across frame.

Monday 7/21/03 Got sample price quotes on hydraulic hoses from Columbia Tractor and Mooradian Hydraulics. Columbia Tractor quoted $2.04/lf for 1/2 inch single braid (3,000 psi - like original) plus $4.50 per 1/2 inch JIC swivel. Mooradian quoted $2.50/lf for 1/2 inch double braid (4,000 psi) Gates. Looks like Mooradian is the way to go - still only about 60% of Power Trac estimate. Left starter with Days for repair. No luck finding air cleaner at Columbia Tractor or NAPA

Friday 7/25/03 Picked up starter from Day's Repair. He replaced solenoid and cobbled up a replacement for the melted shaft endcap. $37.89.

Saturday 7/26/03 Spent the week removing hoses, cleaning up, and inventorying hoses (which DO NOT conform to the drawings! - see Hose shopping list for a new list - I'll draw up a modified wheel motor hydraulic circuit to reflect the actual routing).

Sunday 7/27/03 Worked up a before and a proposed after the rebuild wiring logic diagrams. Click here to download a PDF version of the after the rebuild diagram.

Sunday 8/24/03 Spent the last month removing old and installing new hoses and today I put the engine back in. Just a few more hose connections to go!

Tuesday 8/26/03 Ordered Deutz parts from Columbia Tractor.

Sunday 9/07/03 Initial startup. Decided to forego the usual commissioning procedure of filling the motor and pump cases. Since none of them were actually removed I thought I could presume they still contain enough old hydraulic fluid to lube bearings etc during startup. Hope I was right! I did prefill the new hydraulic filter and the line from the filter to the charge pump. And I put the tractor up on blocks so I could initially gently run the wheel motors unloaded. Then I did the usual after-filter-change air purge. That complete I turned the ignition on, cranked, and the engine started instantly. I let it idle a few minutes while checking for leaks, etc. Then I slowly ran the wheel motors backwards and forwards for a few minutes. Then cycles the cylinders several times. Then let the tractor down off the blocks and slowly drove the 500 feet or so to the mower, hooked it up, and ran it slowly for a few minutes. Everything worked fine except the starter and the fan which I inadvertantly hooked up backwards. No leaks. When I had the starter solenoid replaced, the mechanic could not determine the proper replacement and took his best guess at one he thought would have the correct throw. He missed a bit. The solenoid doesn't make electrical contact to start the starter rotating until a tad beyond contact with the flywheel so if the solenoid doesn't throw the pinion right between the teeth of the flywheel, no go.

Monday 9/08/03 I tried shimming the starter out a bit with some washers and it works fine, but I don't think it is stable enough for a permanent fix. I mowed for a while and all seems ok so far except for a flat tire on the mower :-) And when I went to fix that the tractor would not start - push the button - nothing. I must have a screw loose.

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xCheck engine lift eyebolt thread size and order eyebolts. Threads are M12x1.75 - 340mm on center - with no clearance for bolt head or eye for about 3 inches above head. Will need standoff bolts and a spreader bar. Or just do a couple of straps looped around the engine assembly.
xClose tram valve
xReplace little plug at bottom of timing chest cover (decided not to bother)
xNeutralize fire extinguisher chemical (tried vinegar which was only partly sucessful)
xFuel pump hose inlet tube pulled out of pump - must be reset somehow [glued it back in with JB Weld]
xAdd aircraft oil drain valve to sump? (not now)
xAdd fuel tank petcock (1/4 IP -90 deg) (not now)
xMove alarm buzzer up front ?
xReplace Throttle cable? (not now - will use the old one if it works)
xAdd strain relief at main wiring harness - dash end
 Move hour meter to "run" position on switch?
 Detail the parts list to wiki
 Draw hydraulic circuits
 Finish drawing electric circuit diagram

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Estimated cost to restore

Estimated parts and labor to restore the tractor to operating condition

Estimated parts

Part NoDescriptionCommentsIf NeededPrice
E419BatterySeems to be ok---185.94
E504x38Red Power Cable 38"Measures 40" hole to hole15.0013.32
E402x1Black Ground Cable 17"Measures 20" hole to hole10.006.18
F415Deutz Fuel FilterAfter market15.0027.60
F416Deutz Oil FilterAfter market15.0034.16
F050-1Hydraulic FilterAfter market15.0028.00
V250Draft Control Valve Cartridge - knob onlyLive with it---109.80
V242Draft Control Electric SolenoidApplied power - it clicked---126.64
V233x1Cooler Bypass ValveAssume its ok---96.40
M15087Cooler Fan Thermal RelayHook it to tilt seat switch?10.0011.34
M15140Tram Pump Push/Pull CableIt moves - assume its ok---110.60
M15185x1Throttle CableIt moves but may need replacing26.0025.95
E499Junction Compartment BoxPaint it---98.22
E470x14Terminal BlockLooks rusty27.0026.98
E186x41-1/4" Neer Connector (3 pieces)Yes5.004.64
E186x41-1/4" Neer Connector (3 pieces)Yes5.004.64
E186x41-1/4" Neer Connector (3 pieces)Yes5.004.64
E429x3Deutz Wiring HarnessMake it up15.00100.00
E50920 amp Fuse Block and fuseYes25.0025.20
E50850 amp Fuse Block and fuseYes25.0025.20
??Draft Control Electric Solenoid Ground WireMake it up3.0020.00
E514x4Complete wiring harness(es)Cover is gone - wires ok with tape10.0097.28
??(every Deutz and Power Trac supplied wire in the engine compartment except those separately listed)Make them up40.00100.00
H0752JP030Hose 3/4 dia x 30" (ref 13 dwg H075x4) 36.0035.63
H0371JJ106Hose 3/8 dia x 106"(ref 14 dwg H075x4) 42.0041.90
H0501JJ018Hose 1/2 dia x 18" (ref 16 dwg H075x4) 21.0020.90
H02514J6J088Hose 1/4 dia x 88" (ref 20 dwg H075x4) 29.0028.50
H0251JJ054Hose 1/4 dia x 54" (ref 7 dwg H075x5) 22.0022.28
H0251JJ054Hose 1/4 dia x 54" (ref 7 dwg H075x5) 22.0022.28
H0251JJ018Hose 1/4 dia x 18" (ref 8 dwg H075x5)looks ok---15.44
H0251JJ056Hose 1/4 dia x 16" (ref 9 dwg H075x5) 23.0022.66
H0371JJ108Hose 3/8 dia x 108" (ref 14 dwg H076x2) 43.0042.47
HS150027Suction Hose 1.5 dia x 27" (ref 23 dwg H077x2)Looks ok---20.00
H0752JJ116Hose 3/4 dia x 116" (ref 24 dwg H077x2) 82.0081.58
H0752JJ110Hose 3/4 dia x 110" (ref 25 dwg H077x2) 78.0078.46
H0501JJ088Hose 1/2 dia x 88" (ref 26 dwg H077x2) 42.0041.54
H0501JJ059Hose 1/2 dia x 59" (ref 27 dwg H077x2) 33.0033.02
H0501JJ048Hose 1/2 dia x 48" (ref 28 dwg H077x2) 30.0029.72
H0501JJ042Hose 1/2 dia x 42" (ref 29 dwg H077x2) 28.0027.98
H1002JP030Hose 1 dia x 30" (ref 17 dwg H078x4) 63.0063.17
H0752JJ077Hose 3/4 dia x 77" (ref 18 dwg H078x4) 61.0061.30
H0752JJ056Hose 3/4 dia x 56" (ref 19 dwg H078x4) 50.0050.38
H0502JJ040Hose 1/2 dia x 40" (ref 20 dwg H078x4) 32.0032.45
H0502JJ040Hose 1/2 dia x 40" (ref 20 dwg H078x4) 32.0032.45
H0502JJ028Hose 1/2 dia x 28" (ref 21 dwg H078x4) 27.0027.38
H0502JJ020Hose 1/2 dia x 20" (ref 23 dwg H078x4) 24.0023.99
H1002JJ035Hose 1 dia x 35" (ref 24 dwg H078x4) 71.0071.47
H0251JJ093Hose 1/4 dia x 93" (ref 6 dwg H078x5) 30.0029.69
H0251JJ060Hose 1/4 dia x 60" (ref 7 dwg H078x5) 23.0023.42
H0251JJ021Hose 1/4 dia x 21" (ref 9 dwg H078x5) 16.0016.01
H0251JJ016Hose 1/4 dia x 16" (ref 10 dwg H078x5) 15.0015.06
H0752JJ027Hose 3/4 dia x 27" (ref 27 dwg H079x2) 35.0035.30
H0251JJ096Hose 1/4 dia x 96" (ref 28 dwg H079x2) 30.0030.26
H0251JJ092Hose 1/4 dia x 92" (ref 29 dwg H079x2) 30.0029.50
H0251JJ078Hose 1/4 dia x 78" (ref 30 dwg H079x2) 27.0026.84
H0251JJ075Hose 1/4 dia x 75" (ref 31 dwg H079x2) 26.0026.27
H02514J6J021Hose 1/4 dia x 21" (ref 34 dwg H079x2) 16.0015.77
H02514J6J021Hose 1/4 dia x 21" (ref 34 dwg H079x2) 16.0015.77
H01814J4J018Hose 3/16 dia x 18" (ref 36 dwg H079x2) 15.0015.48
H01814J4J018Hose 3/16 dia x 18" (ref 36 dwg H079x2)Looks ok---15.48
Deutz engine Series F3L 1011F Model YDZX ||Serial# 0562077 
01/49Engine oil dipstickYes20.0020.00
08/1Oil fill capLive with it---15.00
10/21Timing belt kitMay be ok---200.00
10/6Timing chest lower coverMay be ok---100.00
10/4Timing chest main coverMay be ok---300.00
10/18Wire cover ?Live with it---20.00
20/1Fuel filter housingPaint damage only---150.00
20/5Fuel pump and strainerPaint damage only---572.99
21/2Fuel line per ft 20.55Yes3.0020.55
21/3Fuel line per ft 20.55Yes3.0020.55
21/66Fuel line per ft 20.55Yes3.0020.55
22/89Air cleaner assembly M15203-7Find used or aftermarket200.00417.87
27/33Access cover/plug ?May be ok---10.00
39/20Fan belt M15203-10Yes22.0021.51
40/2Forward engine shroudPaint damage only---303.30
44/41Starter assembly M15203-1Rebuild - need solenoid200.00960.62
44/12Motor mount rubber bushings (8 pieces) 22.32eaMay need 490.00178.56
48/11Wiring harness - engine to junction block ?Yes - make it up10.00100.00
48/1Cable - alternator output ?Yes - make it up20.00100.00
 7 lf - 1/4 inch fuel hose - to and from tankMade of hydraulic hose20.0015.00
 20 gallons - 10/40 hydraulic oil $8.00 per gal 160.00160.00
 6 qt Mobil 1 10/30 engine oil $2.00 per qt 12.0012.00
 1 spray can primer 5.0012.50
 1 spray can red touchup paint 5.0012.50
 1 spray can black touchup paint 5.0012.50
 1 misc nuts, bolts, washers, clips, clamps, etc 100.0030.00
 Parts at cost 2,314.006,290.53
 Plus unknown extras 500.00
 Plus tax and shipping 20% 563.00
 TOTAL parts at cost $3,377.00

Estimated labor

Estimated LaborToactual labor 
5Move tractor to shop2.87/15/03
 Drain hydraulic tank1.07/17/03
1Remove engine cover1.07/19/03
4Power wash
2Remove fuel tank assembly0.87/17/03
6Draw a wiring diagram
2Pull engine2.37/19/03
43Remove and replace fire damaged parts, clean and paint as needed.
 Clean tractor & inventory hoses6.17/23/03
 Remove and reinventory hoses8.57/25/03
4Reinstall engine
2Install new fluids
2Bleed system
6Test and adjust
1Reinstall engine cover
78Total Labor hours at $44.00 Standard shop rate $3,432.00
 Plus TOTAL parts at cost (from DamageRepairParts) 3,377.00
 TOTAL parts and labor $6,809.00

Total estimated parts and labor

78Total Labor hours at $44.00 Standard shop rate $3,432.00
 Plus TOTAL parts at cost (from DamageRepairParts) 3,377.00
 TOTAL parts and labor $6,809.00
ORShip to Glue Factory
73Total Labor hours at $20.00 Glue Factory estimated rate $1,460.00
 Plus TOTAL parts at cost (from DamageRepairParts) 3,377.00
 TOTAL parts and labor $4,837.00
 Plus Shipping 1,000.00
 TOTAL parts and labor and shipping $5,837.00

Actual labor

LaborToDate@ $44.00/hrTotal
2.8Move tractor to shop7/15/03$123.20$123.20
1.0Drain hydraulic tank7/17/0344.00167.20
0.8Remove fuel tank assembly7/17/0335.20202.40
1.0Remove engine cover7/19/0344.00246.40
2.3Pull engine7/19/03101.20347.60
6.1Clean tractor & inventory hoses7/23/03268.40616.00
5.6Remove and reinventory hoses (and clean)7/24/03246.40862.40
2.9Remove and reinventory hoses (and clean)7/25/03127.60990.00
1.5Remove and reinventory hoses (and clean)7/26/0366.001,056.00
3.3Remove and reinventory hoses (and clean)7/30/03145.201,201.20
7.4Install hoses7/31/03325.601,526.80
2.4Install hoses8/02/03105.601,632.40
2.6Install hoses8/13/03114.401,746.80
4.5Install engine and hoses8/24/03198.001,944.80
3.2Install hoses8/25/03140.802,085.60
1.0Install hoses and electrics8/27/0344.002,129.60
3.1Install hoses and electrics8/28/03136.402,266.00
4.6Fabricate junction box etc8/29/03202.402,468.40
1.6Fabricate electrics etc8/30/0370.402,538.80
6.1Fabricate electrics etc9/02/03268.402,807.20
5.0Install electrics etc9/03/03220.003,027.20
5.4Install electrics etc9/04/03237.603,264.80
6.6Install electrics etc9/05/03290.403,555.20
6.1Install air cleaner, hydraulic oil, etc9/06/03268.403,823.60
3.1Bleed charge pump, start engine etc9/07/03136.403,960.00
0.3Test starter9/08/0313.203,973.20
1.9Shim starter etc9/09/0383.604,056.80


6/26/031Salvage from insurance company$750.00$750.00
7/18/031Pile of plastic hose caps and plugs from FittingsAndAdapters.com30.6830.68
7/25/031Starter repair - new solenoid by Day's Repair37.8968.57
7/30/0338Hydraulic hoses by Mooradian Hydraulics887.38955.95
7/30/032Battery cables from Auto Zone17.30973.25
7/30/032Paint bombs from Auto Zone8.64981.89
7/30/031Qt vinegar1.29983.18
8/25/032Hydraulic hoses by Mooradian Hydraulics34.641,017.82
8/26/03 Misc nuts, bolts, pressure gages, etc from Columbia Tractor49.971,067.79
8/28/03 Deutz engine parts from Columbia Tractor330.031,397.82
8/29/03 Fuel hose from Columbia Tractor8.701,406.52
8/29/03 Fuse holders from Radio Shack4.851,411.37
8/29/03 Misc electrical supplies from Home Depot34.151,445.52
8/30/03 Misc cables and lugs from Home Depot41.961,487.48
9/02/03 Misc wiring connectors from Home Depot8.281,495.76
9/03/03 Fuses, buzzer, etc from Radio Shack12.081,507.84
9/03/031Starter pushbutton switch STB6301 from NAPA15.691,523.53
9/04/032Case 80538 hydraulic filters from Columbia Tractor29.881,553.41
9/04/0325gal Kubota AW ISO VG 46 hydraulic oil from Columbia Tractor181.321,734.73
9/04/031Parker hydraulic reservoir filtered vent/filler from MSC21.251,755.98
9/06/031Hydraulic hose from NAPA43.201,799.18

Hydraulic hose shopping list

(this list is also on the PT-1845 Replacement Parts page


Hydraulic Hoses (37pc)

  1. JIC fitting means Female 37deg JIC Flare Swivel
  2. Length is cut length of hose - fittings add to this
  3. JIC Swivel 90° Bent Tube, Short Drop

1/4 inch I.D. Gates C2AT (G2) 2 Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R2 Type AT
NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
5H02514J6J088Hose 1/4 dia x 88"20H075x41/41/4 JIC88"3/8 JIC
6H0251JJ054Hose 1/4 dia x 54"7H075x51/41/4 JIC77"1/4 JIC NOTE 3
7H0251JJ054Hose 1/4 dia x 54"7H075x51/41/4 JIC77"1/4 JIC NOTE 3
8H0251JJ018Hose 1/4 dia x 18"8H075x51/41/4 JIC18"1/4 JIC
9H0251JJ056Hose 1/4 dia x 16"9H075x51/41/4 JIC24"1/4 JIC
27H0251JJ093Hose 1/4 dia x 93"6H078x51/41/4 JIC83"1/4 JIC
28H0251JJ060Hose 1/4 dia x 60"7H078x51/41/4 JIC46"1/4 JIC
29H0251JJ021Hose 1/4 dia x 21"9H078x51/41/4 JIC18"1/4 JIC
31H0251JJ096Hose 1/4 dia x 96"28H079x21/41/4 JIC98"1/4 JIC
32H0251JJ092Hose 1/4 dia x 96"29H079x21/41/4 JIC78"1/4 JIC
33H0251JJ078Hose 1/4 dia x 78"30H079x21/41/4 JIC75"1/4 JIC
34H0251JJ075Hose 1/4 dia x 75"31H079x21/41/4 JIC81"1/4 JIC
35H02514J6J048Hose 1/4 dia x 48"32H079x21/41/4 JIC34"3/8 JIC
36H02514J6J012Hose 1/4 dia x 12"35H079x21/41/4 JIC12"3/8 JIC
37H01814J4J018Hose 3/16 dia x 18"36H079x21/41/4 JIC24"1/4 JIC NOTE 3
38??Accumulator to ????H079x21/41/4 JIC45"1/4 JIC

3/8 inch I.D. Gates C2AT (G2) 2 Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R2 Type AT
NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
2H0371JJ106Hose 3/8 dia x 106"14H075x43/83/8 JIC91"3/8 JIC
3H0371JJ86Hose 3/8 dia x 86"15H075x43/83/8 JIC86"3/8 JIC
10H0371JJ108Hose 3/8 dia x 108"14H076x23/83/8 JIC108"3/8 NPTM

1/2 inch I.D. Gates C2AT (G2) 2 Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R2 Type AT
NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
4H0501JJ018Hose 1/2 dia x 18"16H075x41/21/2 JIC16"1/2 JIC
14H0501JJ088Hose 1/2 dia x 88"26H077x21/21/2 JIC81"1/2 JIC
15H0501JJ059Hose 1/2 dia x 59"27H077x21/21/2 JIC46"1/2 JIC
16H0501JJ048Hose 1/2 dia x 48"28H077x21/21/2 JIC25"1/2 JIC
17H0501JJ042Hose 1/2 dia x 42"29H077x21/21/2 JIC42"1/2 JIC
20H0502JJ040Hose 1/2 dia x 40"20H078x41/21/2 JIC24"1/2 JIC
21H0502JJ028Hose 1/2 dia x 28"21H078x41/21/2 JIC18"1/2 JIC
23??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC
24??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC
25??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC
26??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC

3/4 inch I.D. Gates C2AT (G2) 2 Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R2 Type AT
NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
1H0752JP030Hose 3/4 dia x 30"13H075x43/43/4 JIC30"3/4 NPTM
18H0752JJ023Hose 3/4 dia x 23"??H077x23/43/4 JIC23"3/4 JIC
30H0752JJ027Hose 3/4 dia x 27"27H079x23/43/4 JIC23"3/4 JIC

1 inch I.D. Gates C2AT (G2) 2 Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R2 Type AT
NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
19H1002JP030Hose 1 dia x 30"17H078x411 JIC30"1 NPTM
22H1002JJ035Hose 1 dia x 35"24H078x411 JIC35"1 JIC

3/4 inch I.D. Gates M2T Megaflex 2-Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R16
NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
12H0752JJ116Hose 3/4 dia x 116" see NOTE 424H077x23/43/4 JIC116"3/4 NPTM
13H0752JJ110Hose 3/4 dia x 110" see NOTE 425H077x23/43/4 JIC110"3/4 NPTM

1-1/2 inch I.D. Wire wound 150psi Suction Hose
NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
11HS150027Suction Hose 1.5 dia x 27"23H077x21-1/2NONE23NONE

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