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PT-1845 Replacement Parts

In addition to the information below, PT-1845 Fire in the Engine Room has a list of the replacement parts Power-Trac quoted on 5/23/03 for my fire damage insurance estimate. While I didn't end up buying parts from Power-Trac, some of that information may be useful. That list is at the bottom of Fire.

Deutz engine parts replaced after the PT-1845 Fire in the Engine Room

Engine info

Workshop Manual

Bosch Starter

Day's Repair (see supplier list below) tested the starter and found it to be ok except for the burnt solenoid, which they replaced.

Air Cleaner Assembly

Air Cleaner Monitor

Cover, rear of engine

Dip Stick

Engine Mount bushing

Fan belt

Hydraulic system parts

Quick couplers

07/03/04 Marrt, a Power-Trac forum member contributes the following:

I have researched a couple other items that could be logged. For example, I finally traced down the details regarding the PT quick couplers made by Faster S.R.L of Italy. They are ISO 7241-1 series A compliant couplers. A number of company’s make compatible couplers, such as the Parker 6600 series.

Variable volume tram pump


 Sauer Danfoss

 Model Code     Typ

 Model No     Ident No

See Sauer Danfoss Literature for more Series 40 Pump information

Steering pump

Cast in end cap:


Parker Ross Hydraguide HGF steering valve parts


Hydraulic hoses

There was a mass replacement of the 37? hoses damaged by the fire in 2003. The list of those hoses is {here}. Some of the few hydraulic hoses that were not replaced after the fire are listed below as they gradually get replaced.

Steering cylinder hose

4/28/2004 replaced one right steering cylinder hose (From Mooradian Hydraulics):

NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
1H0251JJ013Hose 1/4 dia x 13"19H075x41/41/4 JIC38"1/4 JIC

Hoses replaced after the fire.

These are the hydraulic hoses I replaced 7/03 after the Fire of '03. Note that many hose lengths, sizes, and fittings (and even some hoses in their entirety) do not conform to the owners manual drawings referenced here.

  1. JIC fitting means Female 37deg JIC Flare Swivel
  2. Length is cut length of hose - fittings add to this
  3. All hose Gates C2AT (G2) 2 Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R2 Type AT except for the two hoses referred to by Note 4 and Note 5 below
  4. Use Gates M2T Megaflex 2-Wire Braid Hose - SAE 100R16 (tight bend radius at lift arms)
  5. Used Gates Global 10G2 5/8 R2/2 SN EN853 3625PSI MAX WP(3/4 was not available - supplier said 5/8 plenty big enough for 15gpm) (tight bend radius at lift arms)
  6. JIC Swivel 90° Bent Tube, Short Drop

NoPart NoDwg DescriptionRefDwgDiamFittingLengthFitting
1H0752JP030Hose 3/4 dia x 30"13H075x43/43/4 JIC30"3/4 NPTM
2H0371JJ106Hose 3/8 dia x 106"14H075x43/83/8 JIC91"3/8 JIC
3H0371JJ86Hose 3/8 dia x 86"15H075x43/83/8 JIC86"3/8 JIC
4H0501JJ018Hose 1/2 dia x 18"16H075x41/21/2 JIC16"1/2 JIC
5H02514J6J088Hose 1/4 dia x 88"20H075x41/41/4 JIC88"3/8 JIC
6H0251JJ054Hose 1/4 dia x 54"7H075x51/41/4 JIC77"1/4 JIC NOTE 6
7H0251JJ054Hose 1/4 dia x 54"7H075x51/41/4 JIC77"1/4 JIC NOTE 6
8H0251JJ018Hose 1/4 dia x 18"8H075x51/41/4 JIC18"1/4 JIC
9H0251JJ056Hose 1/4 dia x 16"9H075x51/41/4 JIC24"1/4 JIC
10H0371JJ108Hose 3/8 dia x 108"14H076x23/83/8 JIC108"3/8 NPTM
11HS150027Suction Hose 1.5 dia x 27"23H077x21-1/2NONE23NONE
12H0752JJ116Hose 3/4 dia x 116" see NOTE 524H077x25/85/8 JIC116"5/8 NPTM
13H0752JJ110Hose 3/4 dia x 110" see NOTE 425H077x23/43/4 JIC110"3/4 NPTM
14H0501JJ088Hose 1/2 dia x 88"26H077x21/21/2 JIC81"1/2 JIC
15H0501JJ059Hose 1/2 dia x 59"27H077x21/21/2 JIC46"1/2 JIC
16H0501JJ048Hose 1/2 dia x 48"28H077x21/21/2 JIC25"1/2 JIC
17H0501JJ042Hose 1/2 dia x 42"29H077x21/21/2 JIC42"1/2 JIC
18H0752JJ023Hose 3/4 dia x 23"??H077x23/43/4 JIC23"3/4 JIC
19H1002JP030Hose 1 dia x 30"17H078x411 JIC30"1 NPTM
20H0502JJ040Hose 1/2 dia x 40"20H078x41/21/2 JIC24"1/2 JIC
21H0502JJ028Hose 1/2 dia x 28"21H078x41/21/2 JIC18"1/2 JIC
22H1002JJ035Hose 1 dia x 35"24H078x411 JIC35"1 JIC
23??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC
24??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC
25??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC
26??Hose 1/2 dia x 105"??H078x41/21/2 JIC105"1/2 JIC
27H0251JJ093Hose 1/4 dia x 93"6H078x51/41/4 JIC83"1/4 JIC
28H0251JJ060Hose 1/4 dia x 60"7H078x51/41/4 JIC46"1/4 JIC
29H0251JJ021Hose 1/4 dia x 21"9H078x51/41/4 JIC18"1/4 JIC
30H0752JJ027Hose 3/4 dia x 27"27H079x23/43/4 JIC23"3/4 JIC
31H0251JJ096Hose 1/4 dia x 96"28H079x21/41/4 JIC98"1/4 JIC
32H0251JJ092Hose 1/4 dia x 96"29H079x21/41/4 JIC78"1/4 JIC
33H0251JJ078Hose 1/4 dia x 78"30H079x21/41/4 JIC75"1/4 JIC
34H0251JJ075Hose 1/4 dia x 75"31H079x21/41/4 JIC81"1/4 JIC
35H02514J6J048Hose 1/4 dia x 48"32H079x21/41/4 JIC34"3/8 JIC
36H02514J6J012Hose 1/4 dia x 12"35H079x21/41/4 JIC12"3/8 JIC
37H01814J4J018Hose 3/16 dia x 18"36H079x21/41/4 JIC24"1/4 JIC Note 6
38??Accumulator to ????H079x21/41/4 JIC45"1/4 JIC

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Tires and rims

OEM Tires

PT1845 optional 12 inch Rims

Apparently these rims are hard to find and may in fact be custom. With a custom offset.

Using the How to Measure a Wheel instructions at the OTR Wheel Engineering site:

Written in marker on the inside of a rim:



During the rebuild after the Fire of 03 I made a note of many of the fastener sizes I encountered, thinking that info might be useful some day.

The following component mounting bolts are Grade 5 UNC plated:

Access panels?1/4-20 UNC x 3/4"flat & locknone
Accumulator Manifold mount25/16-18 UNC x 1locknone
Battery hold down strap21/4-20 UNC x 1"noneNylon Insert Locknut
Cooler Bypass Valve mount21/4-20 UNC x 2-1/4"flatNylon Insert Locknut
Draft Control mount13/8-16 UNC x 2"2 flatnone
Floorboard mount21/2-13 UNC x 1-1/4"noneNylon Insert Locknut
Fuel Tank mount43/8-16 UNC x 1-1/4"?Nylon Insert Locknut
Hood Hinge bracket43/8-16 UNC x 1-1/2"flatNylon Insert Locknut
Hood stay23/8-16 UNC x 1"noneNylon Insert Locknut
Hood stay13/8-16 UNC x 1-1/4"noneNylon Insert Locknut
Junction box mount21/4-20 UNC x 3/4"noneNylon Insert Locknut
Motor mount21/2-13 UNC x 4"flatNylon Insert Locknut
Motor mount21/2-13 UNC x 7"flatNylon Insert Locknut
R.P.S. Valve mount23/8-16 UNC x 4" [see note 2]noneNylon Insert Locknut
Seat Platform23/8-16 UNC x 1-1/4"4 flatNylon Insert Locknut
Splitter Block Manifold mount21/4-20 UNC x 2-1/4"flatNylon Insert Locknut

Special bolts:

Engine Lifting bolts2M12x1.75 x ??mm [see note 1]none 
Battery ground cable1M10x1.50(?) x 30mmflatnone


  1. 340mm on center - with no clearance for bolt head or eye for about the first 3 inches above head.
  2. on 3 inch standoffs

Electrical system

Most of the information on this page developed out of my rebuilding project following the Fire of '03.

Main Wiring Harness

"14-12 Cables" on drawing E463x4

Printed on cable:

 Carol Super  Vu-Tron  14/12 90  deg C  UL  Water Resistant SOW 
 CSA (-40 deg C)  FT-2  P-7K-123033  MSHA  600V

Length about 7-8 ft

New start switch

A pushbutton - NAPA STB6301 - $14.49

New cables

CableTotal lengthStripped length at componentStripped length at terminal strip
1xx inches of 14/12xx inches at dash terminal strip10 inches at new junction box
2xx inches of 14/4xx inches at dash10 inches at new junction box
3xx inches of 14/2xx inches at battery10 inches at new junction box
467 inches of 14/23 inches at fuel control solenoid10 inches at new junction box
578 inches of 14/22 inches at starter solenoid10 inches at new junction box
672 inches of 14/48 inches at senders10 inches at new junction box
766 inches of 14/22 inches at fuel level sensor10 inches at new junction box
8xx inches of 14/2xx inches at SPARE10 inches at new junction box
947 inches of 14/23 inches at draft control solenoid10 inches at new junction box
10130 inches of 14/418 inches at cooler/rear light10 inches at new junction box
11xx inches of 14/2xx inches at neutral safety switchxx inches at dash terminal strip

Wiring logic diagrams

As part of the rebuild project after the Fire I drew my own version of Power-Trac's hard-to-read wiring diagrams and my revised version as wired after the rebuild. You'll find them at PT-1845 Wiring Diagrams

Sources of parts and supplies

Deutz dealers


Parts and Accessories