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Repair and Maintenance Log

This page will serve as a repair and maintenance log for 1992 Lazy Daze 26-1/2MB Class C motor home. Some day I may put up a separate log of the repairs and maintenance activity performed by earlier owners that I am able to glean from the maintenance records that came with it.

Maintenance To-do List

  • Move radio power supply to the house battery
  • Clean engine K&N air filter
  • Research exhaust manifold leak
  • Clean & tune furnace
  • Check spare tire pressure
  • Add water pump vibration isolators

Oh my, how I've let this page get out of date! I really must find the time to update it. This is embarrassing.

Chassis repairs and maintenance

Cooling system



04/26/07 Battery is dead. My tests with an ammeter seem to indicate the aftermarket driving lights or fog lights were left on accidentally. I jumped the diode isolator leads together and ran the generator a while to recharge the battery.


Exhaust system

05/05/07 Re-installed loose heat shields with hose clamps.

Steering and suspension


04/26/07 Inflated tires - all were a little low. Front = 65 psi Rear = 60 psi

Wheel covers

04/26/07 Noticed there is a decorative lug nut missing from the right rear wheel cover.

Windshield wipers and washers

Coach exterior repairs and maintenance

Radio antenna

04/24/07 Re-sealed the antenna to the roof with a coat of PL Polyureathane Window Door and Siding sealant (white).

Water leak

05/09/07 The leak around the refrigerator access vent area is serious enough to have its own page - I'm going to call it a Major water leak.

Coach interior repairs and maintenance

Coach systems repairs and maintenance

CB Radio

04/30/07 The 5 amp fuse wired off the house battery side of the diode isolator feeds the CB radio.

Diode isolator

04/30/07 The wire on the center terminal comes from the engine alternator. The wires on the top terminal go to the house batteries and to the CB radio. The wire on the bottom terminal goes to the engine battery.


04/25/07 Observed that flame is yellow - furnace should be serviced soon.


04/23/07 122.2 hours Added HD30 oil to sump bringing it to the full mark on the dipstick.

Radio/CD/Cassette player

04/30/07 This dash mounted radio is wired to the chassis battery and NOT to the house battery as it should be. It should be re-wired.

Fresh Water System

05/07/07 Today I addeed 1-1/2 cups of bleach to the fresh water tank and filled the tank, tested the pump and water heater and checked around for leaks. Everything works as it should. The pump is a bit noisy - vibration isolators under its mounting screws should fix that.

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