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Western Kingbird, San Antonio NM, April 15, 2010

Collectanea, A miscellany of collected passages, is my catalog of passages clipped from books, magazines and the web.

Passages are saved over in Clippings and cataloged here

  • American History
    • Some quirky passages drawing on life in historical America.
  • Art and Sculpture
    • A collection of passages relating to art and sculpture.
  • Finger-Ring Draw
    • This is a collection of clippings I'm gathering as I research the mystery and history of the large circular symbols drawn in the desert at Finger-Ring Draw north of Deming New Mexico.
  • Food and Cooking
    • These are not your mothers favorite recipes.
  • Humor
    • Haw! Haw! Haw!
  • Natural Science
    • Endlessly fascinating, the natural world is.
  • Philosophy
    • Why, what's the point?
  • Photography
    • Ideas and comments relating to the art and craft of Photography.
  • Politics and World Affairs
    • Politics is not something I want to dwell on here but once in a while I run across a passage I can't help but clip.
  • Word Play
    • What magic it is to read a passage that lights up the mind's eye.
  • On Writing
    • I've never studied writing and I struggle with it every day. Here are some passages bearing on this mysterious art.

Recent additions

Leaving Home

Leaving home is a kind of forgiveness, and when you get among strangers, you’re amazed at how decent they seem. Nobody smirks at you or gossips about you, nobody resents your successes or relishes your defeats. You get to start over, a sort of redemption.


Digitally Thin

Digitally Thin


Doing a Second Edit

A Second Edit