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Food and Cooking

Northern Shoveler, San Antonio NM, February 10, 2011

These are not your mothers favorite recipes.

  • Sweet, Rich Hickory Milk
    • "Despite the unsanitary presentation, the milk was ambrosial - fragrantly nutty, delightfully heavy on the tongue,"
  • Teosinte and the Improbability of Maize
    • "No one eats teosinte, because it produces too little grain to be worth harvesting. In creating modern maize from this unpromising plant, Indians performed a feat so improbable that archaeologists and biologists have argued for decades over how it was achieved. "
  • On Food and Freedom
    • "The food system, like nature, is a dynamic system. Those of us who wish to eat regularly need to understand food system dynamics within our own bodies, within our households, within our communities, across our nation and around the world."
  • How to Prepare Mice
    • "... wash them, bread them carefully, and braise them lightly ..."
  • The Eat What You Fancy Diet
    • "The trick, however, that lets you achieve your natural, correct body weight is to eat only because you are hungry, and stop when you are full. Harder than it sounds, of course, ..."
  • How to Make Bread
    • "Mix the water and sugar and, if desired, salt in the big bowl. Add the yeast. Go post a couple of messages to K5. When you come back, the yeast should have grown to form a stinky scum on the water."