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Visit to Harrisburg RV Show 2004

My friend Jane & I went down to the 2004 Harrisburg RV show on September 10th, 11th and 12th to have a look about. Here are a few observations on the show

My taste differs from that of the industry which seems aimed at the suburban McMansion crowd using materials, cabinetry, etc. they would be familiar with at home. Gotta roll my own interior I guess.

It's easy to see the popularity of slide-outs - the interior space is dramatically increased. That said, a 28 - 30 foot trailer without slideouts should work quite nicely for my needs. I'm inclined to think slideouts "drawers" are a maintenance problem both mechanically and in terms of weather sealing. Also, when they are closed it's nearly impossible to use the interiors. Since it is not considered good etiquette to extend slide-outs while boondocking at Wal Mart etc. the interior space would be rather awkward to use.

One layout that seems to make sense to me uses a rear bedroom with the bed with its head at the end of the trailer allows enough room to walk around three sides. A closet and or nightstand then goes on either side of the bed. Then a bathroom is arrayed in the "hall" to the bedroom with a door at each end of the hall. The shower is on one side of the hall, and the toilet and lav behind its own door are across the hall.

New on the scene is a so called "bunkhouse" layout with the BR forward and at the rear two bunk beds beside a nice bath. I could use that bunk space as a workshop.

The typical dinette has a table flanked by two booth benches (and converts to a bed) I think I'd replace that with a table and chair(s)

A surprise - the Airstreams are just as tacky as the rest. It takes REAL $$ to get to the high end of tacky with decent solid wood cabinetry etc.

The Airstream Westfallia is quite nice for compact travel but pricey at $80,000 or so. Lots of headroom. The Interstate is not quite tall enough.

Idea - convert a Freighliner Sprinter (the base truck the Airstream Westfallia and Interstate are built on) into a combination mobile workshop / tow vehicle.

A friend of Jane's once said the Fleetwood Bounder seems to offer the best quality for the money. Even there, the only one that I could live with is at the the high end of their offerings at $140,000 or so.

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