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Some Useful information

Here I'll be collecting useful information, specs on my Lazy Daze RV, resources, sources of supplies etc.

Onan generator

Ford chassis

You can download PDF copies of Ford Van Owner's Guides, Maintenance Guides and Warranty Information for years 1996 -2011 from Ford Fleet Maintenance:

Weight ratings of my 1992 Lazy Daze Mid Bath model

  • GVWR = 11,500 lbs
  • GAWR = 4,400 lbs front & 7,810 lbs rear as supplied with 62 axle (from what I have found so far a code 62 axle is 4.10 non-limited slip, dual rear wheels)
  • GCWR = 18.500 lbs - I'm FAIRLY SURE! - but this needs to be researched and confirmed.

Wheel Covers

The wheel covers are Dicor VersaLiner V160F2 which take these replacement parts:

How to Get the Most from Your Recreational Vehicle Tires

There is a good article on RV tires and tire care at

Michelin has an informative brochure on tire selection and care at (pdf)

Tire aging, cracking, and checking

A certain amount of cracking is normal and acceptable, according to Michelin, and other manufacturers. The following is from MICHELIN RV TIRES / Guide For Proper Use and Maintenance / RV Tire Information (pdf)


During the pre-trip inspection, be sure to check the tires for signs of aging, weather checking, and/or ozone cracking — these show up as tiny cracks in the rubber surface on the sidewall of the tire. If the cracks are less than 1⁄32" deep, the tire is fine to run. Between 1⁄32" and 2⁄32", the tire is suspect and should be examined by the MICHELIN dealer. If the cracks are any deeper than 2⁄32", the tire should be replaced immediately.

Here are a few tips to help you protect the tires from these common damage conditions:

1) Keep the tires properly inflated. 2) Keep the tires clean. 3) Avoid prolonged exposure to heat, cold, or moisture. 4) Avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. 5) Cover the tires when the vehicle is not in use. 6) Do not park near electric generators or transformers. 7) Do not store vehicle in an area where welding is being done or in a garage that has mercury vapor lamps.

How to Handle a Tire Blowout in Your RV

STEP ON THE GAS, regain control, then slow down. Watch Michelin's video on YouTube How to Handle a Tire Blowout in Your RV.

Tire repair and inflator kit

"Have you ever wished for a mini tire repair kit that you could carry with you while out on your quad, motorcycle, or your street rod in case you got a flat. With the parts in this little kit you can repair almost any flat in any tubeless tire and air it up within seconds. If you're low profile tire is low on that Porsche, BMW or Escalade this product can air them back up on the spot...."

See a review in the Fall 2009 Airstream Life Online Edition.

Water pump image

View of water pump under kitchen sink
View of water pump under kitchen sink

That's the fresh water tank showing on the right with its monitor sensor wires attached.

Solar and a battery bank

Sources of parts and accessories


Sources of older appliance manuals

CB Radio antennas and extensive knowledge base

Cell phone antennas and boosters

Interested in designing your own rig?

Read this by Vandweller: Everything I Know About Living In a Vehicle (free online book)

Generate a States Visited map

Other sites of interest

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