A few notes on health and nutrition and a list sites which seem to have reliable health related info.

Lyme disease

I've contracted Lyme disease at least three times, and probably a fourth time. The first three was evidenced by the characheristic "bull's eye" rash. The fourth was only evidenced by some other symptoms but I think there is a good probablity they were caused by Lyme disease.

Tick removal

It was suggested to me that a simple way to remove ticks is to cover the tick with a liquid soap soaked cotton ball for 15 to 20 seconds. That should cause the tick to back out. I haven't tried it yet but will the next time I'm bitten.

The Happy Planet Index

nef's (the new economics foundation) new global measure of progress, the 'Happy Planet Index', reveals for the first time that happiness doesn't have to cost the Earth. It shows that people can live long, happy lives without using more than their fair share of the Earth's resources. The new international ranking of the environmental impact and well-being reveals a very different picture of the wealth, and poverty, of nations.

Calculate your personal HPI, an index of human well-being and environmental impact.

The questions on the following pages will ask you about where you live, your health, lifestyle, and how you feel about life. The answers you give are used to calculate your own personal score on the Happy Planet Index. How happy are you... and at what price to the environment?!