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Detail, Kangaroo Leather Strap
Detail, Kangaroo Leather Strap

Leatherworking projects I've done

  • Leather Wardrobe Pulls
    • Lazy Daze Motorhomes have square plastic pulls or, on later models, rectangular ones glued on the mirrored doors of the wardrobe. At least in the Mid Bath models those doors are in a narrow hallway and the pulls can be quite annoying. I have a better idea. Leather straps.
  • Braided Leather iPad Grip
    • Like its predecessors, the new 3rd generation iPad is a slippery beast to handle. The design is sleek and gorgeous but feels slippery in hand. None of the covers and cases I found pleased me. I wanted something that would make the 'pad easier to hold while honoring the clean lines of the naked iPad. Something in leather of course. An "iPad Grip".
  • iPod Touch Case
    • This is part 1 of the story of my development of a custom leather case for my iPod Touch.
  • iPod Touch Case - part 2
    • This is part 2 of the story of my development of a custom leather case for my iPod Touch.
  • Traveler's Leather Kitchen Knife Roll
    • "X" commissioned me to design a Christmas present for "A" - she wanted to present him with a custom fitted leather knife roll for the favorite kitchen knives he travels with. Most knife rolls on the market do a lousy job of separating and protecting the blades from nicking one another and I wanted something better. Here's what I came up with.
  • Moleskine Notebook Case
    • Wanting a way to carry my Moleskine notebook together with a pencil, I laced up this little leather case.