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Here is some information on utility trailers and towing I've come across.


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Hitching and Towing Safety

What little I've read to date warns me that I have a lot to learn about the physics and engineering involved in properly hitching and towing a trailer. It's easy to hook up a trailer and head down the road. Doing it safely is an entirely different matter. I'll probably end up having an experienced shop set up my hitch system but a little research into the principals involved in a safe hookup should go a long way in helping me decide what system is appropriate for my situation. Towing Your Trailer Safely (California DMV, Recreational Vehicles and Trailers) is a pretty good article on basic towing safety with information on weight distribution, hitch adjustment, sway control, brakes, etc.

Hensley Arrow

The Hensley Arrow is a top of the line and rather expensive hitch system that has a built in linkage that relocates the pivot point the trailer follows to around the rear axle area of the tow vehicle. Hensley hitches are hotly debated online. The Arrow is a very good hitch and has considerable advantages over less expensive types but there is some difference of opinion over whether the cost is worth it for the benefits. Its primary advantage is it's extraordinary effectiveness at stopping sway. I'm not pulling a large, long or heavy trailer but If I were I'd give the Hensley Arrow serious consideration. Here's a diagram I found online of how the Hensley Arrow works.

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