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I have an old Juki 562 industrial sewing machine I use for my leatherworking and here I collect information useful in maintaing and using the machine.

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From this post at the "get-up-and-go" message board:

Hi everyone! just found this message board and it looks great, hope you can help me. I was given a 562 machine from a neighbor that had it sittin in his garage for years - When I used it the needle thread was getting stuck around the bobbin case (when looping around it would get caught in the slit where you thread the bobbin). Took it to a professional to have adjusted, A few days later I picked it up and he said it was working great and the machine was in really good shape. Well lo and behold I'm still running into the same problem (Although not as often) it is still very aggravating! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same machine and have been using the 562 on and off for 25 years. Great machine!! But you have to hold the thread when you start the stitch. They won't do it all the time but the more wear in the bobbin case the more likely it is to do it. Also noticed it happens more if you dont put a drop of oil at the side of the bobbin holder every time you change the bobbin. Last thing to check is when you put your bobbin in it has to turn counter clockwise when thread is being dispensed and put your finger on top of the bobbin when it's threaded through and give the thread a small tug to make sure it's seated corectly behind the tension spring on the side of the bobbin case. Holding the thread when you start is usually the main culprit.

Having the thread dispense counterclockwise seems counter intuitive to me and is counter to what I was instructed to do by the previous owner of my machine. I'll try it.

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