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"Model Engineer is the premier UK model engineering magazine. It has been published for over 100 years. Content includes constructional articles, interesting articles on engineering related topics and many other varied subjects about models and model engineering."

"Model Engineers' Workshop is a relative newcomer, first published in 1980. It is much more concerned with machines, both manual and CNC, tools, methods and processes. Historically, it does not include articles on the construction of models. It usually contains drawings for the construction of a machine, a tool or a machine accessory."

Metals Tools and Supplies

3-in-1 Mill/Drill/Lathe

Smithy Granite G-1324 - I'm considering going to a 3-in-1 machine to replace my current mill/drill and Southbend lathe as part of a program to downsize the footprint of my shop. This machine is attractive to me because it will accept my existing tooling. This light industrial machine has an R-8 mill head taper and a Camloc D1-4 lathe spindle. There is a Bison backplate available to mount my 6 jaw set-tru Bison chuck to this lathe.

The Grizzly G0516 Combo Lathe w/ Milling Attachment looks interesting too.

The ATM's Workshop - Smithy CB1220XL Review

Mini Lathes and Mini Mills

For extensive information on mini lathes and mini-mills see

Micro-Mark offers their MICROLUX 7 x 14 HIGH-PRECISION HEAVY-DUTY LATHE a larger version of the standard mini lathe. They also offer an interesting MICROLUX MILLING MACHINE mini mill in their lineup.

High Tech Systems makes some nice looking matrix plates and rapid tool changers for Sherline and Taig mini mills.

Metalworking tips and ideas

Frank Ford at FRETS.COM has many many excellent, photographed, short articles on making lathe and mill tooling and accessories on his Machining page.

Spring making

See How to Make Springs for some basic spring making and tooling information.

Workshop safety

Society of American Silversmiths - A Metals Workshop Safety Report: Safety and Substitutes is a great article on safety in the studio with many common sense guidelines that apply equally as well in any workshop.

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