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iso8859-1 Character Set

A table of the iso8859-1 Character Set

  no-break space = non-breaking space
¡¡inverted exclamation mark
¢¢cent sign
££pound sign
¤¤currency sign
&yen ;¥yen sign = yuan sign
¦¦broken bar = broken vertical bar
§§section sign
&uml ;¨diaeresis = spacing diaeresis
©©copyright sign
ªªfeminine ordinal indicator
««left-pointing double angle quotation mark = left pointing guillemet
&not ;¬not sign
&shy ;­soft hyphen = discretionary hyphen
&reg ;®registered sign = registered trade mark sign
¯¯macron = spacing macron = overline = APL overbar
&deg ;°degree sign
±±plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus sign
²²superscript two = superscript digit two = squared
³³superscript three = superscript digit three = cubed
´´acute accent = spacing acute
µµmicro sign
¶pilcrow sign = paragraph sign
··middle dot = Georgian comma = Greek middle dot
¸¸cedilla = spacing cedilla
¹¹superscript one = superscript digit one
ººmasculine ordinal indicator
»»right-pointing double angle quotation mark = right pointing guillemet
¼¼vulgar fraction one quarter = fraction one quarter
½½vulgar fraction one half = fraction one half
¾¾vulgar fraction three quarters = fraction three quarters
¿¿inverted question mark = turned question mark
ÀÀlatin capital letter A with grave = latin capital letter A grave
ÁÁlatin capital letter A with acute
ÂÂlatin capital letter A with circumflex
ÃÃlatin capital letter A with tilde
ÄÄlatin capital letter A with diaeresis
ÅÅlatin capital letter A with ring above = latin capital letter A ring
ÆÆlatin capital letter AE = latin capital ligature AE
ÇÇlatin capital letter C with cedilla
ÈÈlatin capital letter E with grave
ÉÉlatin capital letter E with acute
ÊÊlatin capital letter E with circumflex
ËËlatin capital letter E with diaeresis
ÌÌlatin capital letter I with grave
ÍÍlatin capital letter I with acute
ÎÎlatin capital letter I with circumflex
ÏÏlatin capital letter I with diaeresis
&ETH ;Ðlatin capital letter ETH
ÑÑlatin capital letter N with tilde
ÒÒlatin capital letter O with grave
ÓÓlatin capital letter O with acute
ÔÔlatin capital letter O with circumflex
ÕÕlatin capital letter O with tilde
ÖÖlatin capital letter O with diaeresis
××multiplication sign
ØØlatin capital letter O with stroke = latin capital letter O slash
ÙÙlatin capital letter U with grave
ÚÚlatin capital letter U with acute
ÛÛlatin capital letter U with circumflex
ÜÜlatin capital letter U with diaeresis
ÝÝlatin capital letter Y with acute
ÞÞlatin capital letter THORN
ßßlatin small letter sharp s = ess-zed
ààlatin small letter a with grave = latin small letter a grave
áálatin small letter a with acute
ââlatin small letter a with circumflex
ããlatin small letter a with tilde
äälatin small letter a with diaeresis
åålatin small letter a with ring above = latin small letter a ring
æælatin small letter ae = latin small ligature ae
ççlatin small letter c with cedilla
èèlatin small letter e with grave
éélatin small letter e with acute
êêlatin small letter e with circumflex
ëëlatin small letter e with diaeresis
ììlatin small letter i with grave
íílatin small letter i with acute
îîlatin small letter i with circumflex
ïïlatin small letter i with diaeresis
&eth ;ðlatin small letter eth
ññlatin small letter n with tilde
òòlatin small letter o with grave
óólatin small letter o with acute
ôôlatin small letter o with circumflex
õõlatin small letter o with tilde
öölatin small letter o with diaeresis
÷÷division sign
øølatin small letter o with stroke, = latin small letter o slash
ùùlatin small letter u with grave
úúlatin small letter u with acute
ûûlatin small letter u with circumflex
üülatin small letter u with diaeresis
ýýlatin small letter y with acute
þþlatin small letter thorn
ÿÿlatin small letter y with diaeresis

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