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How I Rescued my Dead iPod

The story is a bit dated now but I'll leave it up here anyway since I still have this old iPod, the first iPod sold by the Apple Store at the Crossgates Mall in Albany NY.

A few links

Frozen iPod

On 09/19/2004 I found my iPod frozen with a blank screen.

This is a 5gig first generation iPod.

Apple Instructs One to Reset the iPod by:

  1. plug iPod into charger or Firewire port
  2. turn "hold" on then back off
  3. push "pause" & "menu" buttons together and hold about ten seconds
  4. may need to repeat a couple of times

This proceedure didn't work in this case.

Disconnecting the Battery

I found on the net a comment that disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it sometimes works when reset doesn't.

First Remove the Back:

  1. there are several clips along each side of the back.
  2. insert the blade of a paring knife along the joint between the metal and plastic on the sides of the iPod, starting near the top where the metal can spread more easily, pry apart moving down along the side.

Then Unplug the Battery and Plug it Back In:

  1. Pry the battery free of its double faced tape along the bottom, then the top.
  2. Unplug the battery and then plug it back in.

This worked.

Let the music begin!!

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