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It's Here Somewhere, Say's Phoebe, San Antonio NM, April 15, 2010
It's Here Somewhere, Say's Phoebe, San Antonio NM, April 15, 2010

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  • On Campers and Camping
    • Here I've collected a few references on campers, camping, and places to camp.
  • For Sale - 1969 Airstream Tradewind
    • I put this page up to offer my 1969 Airstream Tradewind Travel Trailer for sale. Now that it is sold I'll leave the page up for whatever information value it might have for you and others.
  • For Sale - Page 2 - Interior Views
    • I put this page up to offer my 1969 Airstream Tradewind Travel Trailer for sale. Now that it is sold I'll leave the page up for whatever information value it might have for you and others.
  • Visit to Harrisburg RV Show 2004
    • My friend Jane & I went down to the 2004 Harrisburg RV show on September 10th, 11th and 12th to have a look about. Here are a few observations on the show
  • Airstream Trailer Information
    • I'm using this page as a place to collect bits of information I think might prove useful in the renovation and use of my 1969 Airstream Tradewind.
  • Maintenance and Repair Resources
    • Here I've gathered some sources of information and replacement parts.
  • How to Seal Leaks
    • Yes, Airstreams can leak. All motor homes and travel trailers can and probably will leak as they age. Here's a bit of information I've gathered as I begin trying to understand where and why Airstreams leak and what to do about it.
  • Hobnobbing with Brigham Young
    • "I hesitated a little about accepting the invitation because I didn't know how many of the Mrs. Youngs I might be presented to and I wasn't looking as handsome as I always liked to when going into the company of ladies."
  • Transcript of Barack Obama's Speech on Race and Politics
    • The following is a full transcript of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's speech on race and politics delivered in Philadelphia PA on March 18, 2008.
  • How I Brew My Coffee
    • My friend Carol suggested some time back that I try coffee from Porto Rico Importing Co and what a great suggestion it was. These people have been in business a long time and offer good, fresh, coffees, roasted the day of shipment.
  • Food
    • Good, nutritional food underpins a healthy body. Much of what is sold as food today is no more than the 1960's Popular Science view of our future of meals in a pill. There have to be better ways to eat and thrive.
  • John's Pretty Good Oatmeal
    • My aversion to oatmeal has stuck to me as tenaciously as mother's oatmeal stuck to my ribs back in the day. I'll bet you remember the stuff - a glutenous glob sitting in a puddle of milk with some brown sugar tossed on it. Ughh!! It's taken over 50 years of eating some pretty bad oatmeal to get up the gumption to overthrow mothers presence in the kitchen and make oatmeal my way.
  • Placebo Effect, Homeostasis, and Health Management
    • Here's an excerpt from an excellent talk with research psychologist Nicholas Humphrey at Edge.
  • CoxonTool
    • Originally I set this site up as a venue for selling tools I wasn't using any more. That's where the name comes from. At the time I was a craftsman, cabinetmaker, and carpenter. I'm retired now and that stuff is gone but I kept adding pages relating to my interests.
  • Electrical System Upgrades
    • I'm gradually upgrading the electrical system in my 1992 Lazy Daze 26-1/2 MB Class C motorhome. I had naively assumed the generator would be used to charge the house batteries and was quite taken aback to learn otherwise. This discovery lead me to consider making extensive electrical system upgrades and I've decided to devote a separate page to them here.
  • My Lazy Daze
    • I bought a nice 1992 Lazy Daze 26-1/2MB Class C motorhome I plan to use for snow-birding and perhaps full-timing if I find the lifestyle works for me.
  • Some Useful information
    • Here I'll be collecting useful information, specs on my Lazy Daze RV, resources, sources of supplies etc.
  • A Tale of Two Leaks
    • Woe is me. My precious Lazy Daze is leaking again. Last fall I discovered two leaks in my 1992 Lazy Daze Mid Bath RV. I sealed this - I sealed that. The leaks, they go on leaking.
  • Conditioning and Preserving Leather
    • The natural oils in leather serve to lubricate the fibers and resist the penetration of water. These oils evaporate or are washed out over time and need to be replaced to keep the leather strong and supple.
  • Hardening leather
    • Hardening leather is fairly simple. Here are links to a couple of articles describing the process.
  • Braided Leather iPad Grip
    • Like its predecessors, the new 3rd generation iPad is a slippery beast to handle. The design is sleek and gorgeous but feels slippery in hand. None of the covers and cases I found pleased me. I wanted something that would make the 'pad easier to hold while honoring the clean lines of the naked iPad. Something in leather of course. An "iPad Grip".
  • An Archive of Previous Posts to My Place
    • Posts to My Place listed in reverse chronological order.
  • I've been making color charts
  • My new account
  • My place
    • Here you will find some occasional thoughts and comments and a list of links to some websites of interest to me.
  • Not Coming Home for Supper
  • My 2006 Road Trip
    • This is a journal of my April 2006 road trip. I'll try to post entries as I move along and as I find internet access. These entries will be quick notes of things I want to remember and may not read too smoothly. I'll try to come back flesh them out a bit.
  • My 2007 Road Trip - 1st Week
  • My 2007 Road Trip - 2nd Week
  • My 2007 Road Trip - 4th Week
  • Travels: A Journal of My Travels with LD
    • On November 15th, 2007 I left Red Rock in LD, my 1992 Lazy Daze Class C motorhome, to begin my first winter sojourn to the southwest. A journal of my travels begins at: Travels With LD.
  • PT-1845 Fire in the Engine Room
    • About 5:00 pm on Friday, April 18, 2003 while mowing there was a fire in the engine compartment of my Power-Trac PT-1845 tractor.
  • PT-1845 Fire Damage Repairs
    • About 5:00 pm on Friday, April 18, 2003 while mowing there was a fire in the engine compartment of my Power-Trac PT-1845 tractor. This page is a journal of my efforts to restore the tractor to operable condition.
  • Power-Trac PT-1845 Articulated Tractor
    • Early in 2002 I started searching for a replacement for my aging and never very satisfactory International 484 utility tractor with Bush Hog mower and Westendorf loader. That search eventually led me to the innovative Power-Trac articulated tractors and the PT-1845 model in particular.
  • Comparing the PT-1845 to the PT-1445
    • After the fire in the engine compartment of my Power-Trac PT-1845 I debated whether to replace the PT-1845 with another model. This page is a collection of information I gathered to help me decide which way to go. In the end I decided the PT-1845 was the right model for my needs and that I could rebuild the tractor.
  • PT-1845 Replacement Parts
    • On this page I'm compiling parts information, part numbers and sources for my Power-Trac PT-1845.
  • PT-1845 Repairing Loss of Steering Input
    • At one point on my Power-Trac PT-1845 tractor I was having trouble with the hydraulic steering. Here's what I found to be the problem.
  • PT-1845 Upgrades and Improvements
    • My Power-Trac PT-1845 has proven to be a wonderfully productive and versatile tractor but like many products it has its weak points. Here are some improvements I've made to it.
  • Alternative Home Cleaning Solutions
    • In an effort to cut down the number and toxicity of the chemicals I use around the house, I've stocked up on a few safe, simple ingredients that will handle most cleaning tasks.
  • Digital Photography Information
    • I've had an interest in digital photography for some time. I use this page to collect bits of information about digital photography and links to useful sites.
  • Government Services Links
    • Here I collect links to local, state and federal websites for future reference.
  • NY General Business Law 36-A: Home Improvement Contracts
  • Sources of Metals and Metalworking Supplies
    • This page is a collection of links to sources of metals, metal working tools and supplies, and machine shop tricks and tips I've come across.
  • Plumbing Fixtures Online
    • Here are some companies selling plumbing faucets and fixtures online. I located these while searching for a source of clawfoot tub faucets some time ago. I haven't dealt with any of them so I can't comment on their service.
  • Operating Propane Appliances Safely
    • Approved and properly adjusted appliances are very important. Improper flame adjustment (which you can detect by a yellow flame at the burner tip) is dangerous. With adequate ventilation, an operating burner gives off mostly harmless products such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. However, a propane appliance starved of oxygen can quickly produce dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide and may result in asphyxiation.
  • Changing Propane Cylinders
    • Procedure for changing propane cylinders.
  • Propane Two Stage Regulators
    • National code requires a two-stage regulator on RVs. The second stage of the regulator receives a relatively uniform pressure from the first stage, which helps the second stage maintain appliance pressure at a nearly constant 11" W.C. A two stage regulator also greatly reduces the possibility of freeze-ups.
  • Information about drinking water
    • Here I'm collecting links to online sources of information about public and private drinking water supply standards, system design information and safety issues.
  • Starcraft Truck Camper
    • In 2004 I stumbled on this old Starcraft truck camper in the back of an RV dealer's lot and I thought I might rebuild into a mobile jewelry studio. That idea soon fizzled. I got about as far as you see in the pictures and abandoned the project.
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Sell Them Down the River

Brown had in his camp a fine-looking Negro, who said he had run away from his master in Platte County, Missouri, because the man was going to sell him and his wife to a dealer who would take them south to the Louisiana sugar plantations. The average Missouri Negro looked upon being sold south as one or two degrees worse than being sent straight to hell. This viewpoint was fostered by the masters, who always threatened, when things went wrong, to sell them down the river. ...